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Live Young, Take a Break and Enjoy Friends

Updated on February 25, 2014


Today I was having a pleasurable time out in our woods cutting a dry trail to haul fire wood and of course my wife thought it was a waist of time. She comes up with camera in hand and starts wining. “Doug, there are paths all over these woods and you have to dig out that dead tree here?" Why don’t you find another way? This will take forever.” Nag, nag, nag. See my face, can you read my mind? I had an Arnold syndrome moment. That’s my Dad and another story entirely. Surely a glimpse of my face is a glimpse of his character. Anyway, if you want to do something that will make you happy do it. Don't let anyone sway you. Stick to your guns and do what makes you happy.

"I'm Happy Doing This"


A Friend Helps You Live Your Life Easier


I heard noise, someone riding way up on top of the hill and hopped on my trail bike to catch the bastard. Gee, that’s gotta be ten years ago. I see this big guy on a quad and say, “You know this is private property? He says, “No kidding, I thought this was state land”. I could tell by his facial expressions he was full of it. That was the beginning of our friendship.

This guy happened to be my neighbor who lives through the woods surrounding our property. This was the beginning of a long-term relationship. See the grizzly in the background? That’s his. I borrowed it from him. All my life I have lived by the old saying, 'neither borrow or lender be' but with him it felt okay to borrow and lend. He became a true friend. Thanks Jimbo

You see even though I am self sufficient and spend most of my time by myself and quite happy, I can honestly say that having a true friend gives you the edge, the release you need. Most of the time friends just occur when you least expect it. But, sometimes you have to go out of your way to make friends. Being happy includes at least one good friend in your life.

Now I have two friends. Vic is the kind of guy that will help out in any situation. As our friendship grew so did I. I found myself taking more time out for others because someone took more time out for me and in the process another friend generated.


Last Sunday I took a ride with Jimmy to his property in NY State, Roscoe. He had to twist my arm to go as I never leave my domain, but I can honestly say, it was nice to get away.

We went quad riding all day and had a blast. We visited some surrounding neighbors. Real down to earth people and all have dogs, a must have, especially if you just can't find that true friend.

We rode all through the trails and hills passing a small heard of deer, lots of wilderness, odd terrain, very steep hills, sharp turns and ruts. some smooth some rough. Bounced all over like riding the mousetrap ride at the boardwalk. Like riding a 4wd golf cart, face up, face down, what a rush. Down a steep gorge, way down, like an 80 degree incline. “Don’t think so Jimbo” I found myself screaming out. The last thing I wanted to do was spend the rest of the day getting stuck down there. He was blazon his own trails, beat the shit out of that thing; almost threw me off a few times. Was a nice twist hitching a ride with pistil grips at hand, the ride and scenery, allot of fun very enjoyable. Reminded me of the good young days with my dune buggy and Willy Jeep. Remember the day when you lived to have fun?

Go Camping with a Group of Friends

A Calming Relaxing Way to Enjoy Life - Go Fishing

Teaching Your Dog Can Be so Rewarding

The Love of My Life


From the ride to the old timer watchman Fred, to the neighbors dogs, so different than New Jersey, so down to earth. It seemed like every family had 2-3 dogs and they all encapsulated me, trying to get on my lap, real friendly dogs, like I was their long lost friend. Funny; two poodles, some kind of mutt like a Doberman pincher, a basset hound, funny, cute competition for love, clawing at my leg like don't forget me, funny as hell. The owners couldn’t get over it, so concerned they were a pain, but Jimmy reassured them that I love dogs. She said “Those dogs are really skittish around people” I felt like the dog whisperer.


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    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

      Sounds like a great time. I really enjoyed your story.

    • More Than Words profile image

      Pamela Bogwald 6 years ago from Oak Ridge, NJ

      He had a lot of fun. When he got home he talked my ears off and that is what inspired me to write his story.

    • IN2Deep profile image

      IN2Deep 6 years ago

      Sounds like alot of fun!