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Updated on August 4, 2017



When they say that men and women are from different planets, believe me, it is not far from the truth. If not different planets then at least different countries. Men and women just don't seem to speak the same language or, give out signals that are easily interpreted by the other. For example, after a first date, when the man says "I had a great time, can I call you"? The woman believes he will call when he gets home or later on that evening. And, when he doesn't, she spends all week wondering what she did wrong or didn't do right or that perhaps she's too fat, too tall, or just not pretty enough. What he failed to tell her was that he had an out of town business trip and wouldn't be calling her until the following week.

It's all about communication. Women verbalize everything and use several thousand more words each day then men do. So, it's no wonder that at the beginning of a relationship, men and women have a hard time understanding each other's verbal and non-verbal cues. So, when the man doesn't call immediately, the woman believes that "he's just not that into her", which might be the farthest thing from the truth. In reality, he really liked her and was very anxious to see her again. But, because he uses less words to communicate just due to the "nature of the beast", no pun intended, he just failed to tell her about his poker night with the guys, getting his car's transmission fixed and the big sales pitch that he was getting ready for at work. It actually had nothing to do with her at all.

So, the next time you meet a great guy and have a fantastic time with him, when he asks if he can call you, hesitate for a moment. Then say this, "I would love that, oh, but wait, I have a really crazy week coming up and I'm going to be in and out. Would you mind if I just called you in a couple of days?"

Of course he will say, "yes". So, what you have done is taken the ball to your court. You've told him how busy you are so, even if you really like the guy and it's hard to wait, don't call him for four days. Four days tells him "you might not be that into him" and when he hears your voice, it will sound like a choir of angels. You'd better make sure you were busy during those four long days because you know he will, for once, want to know all the details. And, eventually, if the chemistry is there, you will learn how to better communicate, ask the right questions of each other and begin to read each other's non-verbal cues as well. So, the next time you think that "he's just not that into you", think again! You may be totally wrong.

Bonnie Howell has been writing for over eight years. She has written two screenplays, short stories, articles on medical issues, animals, internet addiction and many other subjects. She is a passionate animal lover, voracious reader but most of all loves to write. The research she does for her writing every day, led her to see a real need for quality writing out there, free of misspellings and grammatical errors. So she decided to put her two passions together. Writing and helping people succeed. She started her own website publishing business called Howell Publishing where customers can pay a set price for articles or even bid on what they would like to pay per article. If you need quality content, a fair price and a fast turn-around, please visit her website at:

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    • profile image

      ??? 8 years ago

      isn't that is plagiat of the article:'s+Just+not+That+i...

    • Diane Bartok profile image

      Diane Bartok 9 years ago from Sydney Australia

      Hi there from Australia. I can never get enough of these types of articles but the subject of male-female relationships is never ending. There are so many different views and advice that now I just tell my daughter and girlfriends that, when it comes to relationships with men, we can spend all night trying to figure out how he feels, what he is thinking - it comes down to one thing and one thing only: if it doesn't feel right for you, it isn't right. We spend too much valuable time trying to second-guess another person, we might as well just move on if it is causing us grief.

    • shibashake profile image

      shibashake 9 years ago

      A very fun read, although I have to say that I am not big into playing dating games. If I am into a guy, I have no problems calling him up on the very next day. Also, in the dating phase, it is generally a good strategy to ask questions and let the man do most of the talking. They seem to like it, and you get to find out if they have the qualities you are looking for :)

    • bhowell profile image

      bhowell 9 years ago

    • Tracker Frost profile image

      Tracker Frost 9 years ago from Wyoming

      I almost spit my drink where you said; "Women verbalize everything..." I have 4 daughters...and often find myself thinking, "Can't you just think with your mouth shut?", or "Do you really have to say every little thing..." Of course I nicely just go quietly to my room, and close the door. lol.

      Nice article! :)