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Updated on May 15, 2015


In an empty house

I can not contain myself

I stare into the night

Muscles move like steel

Somethings gone out of me

As if I have commited a desecration

The wind wonders around the house

I walk along

Footsteps without sound

Time floats into a span

The altered scene meditates upon the nerves

Dust Stirs in a corner

I'm tired of brooding

It crosses my line of thought

That I am kissing dust more than mortals should

For the love of a woman

That has already left


I want to mingle in the confusion

Enjoy the breath of the moment

The way of living

The way of thinking

The promise of glamour

but not the brutality

I realize though

How it matters still

The truth tries to set me free

My twisted mind produces it all

Like the wind sneaking around in the dark

I shall reach into reason

With as cheerful a mood as I can invent

Shape my lips into a smile

And face the signs of life


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