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Updated on January 2, 2013


Research has shown that a lot of people especially believers are not married due to the diverse challenges presented by the act of “proposal”. Proposal is the act of putting forward or stating something for consideration-a proposed idea or plan of action, a suggestion, an application or an offer for marriage. There is verbal and non-verbal proposal.

The challenges include questions of “who” should propose, when to propose, where to propose and how to propose. In addition to the above questions is the challenge of what is acceptable by tradition or society in which we live and what God allows. The choice of whom or what should guide our actions when it comes to marriage proposal and the institution of marriage in general becomes a difficult one.

I have met a supposed believer who became a polygamist because of his tribal sentiments. He was more interested in what his people would say or what their culture recommended in the case of his first wife who was barren than what God promised to His children that “there will be no barren in the land”. It seemed easier to marry more wives than pray and remind God in the place of prayer of His word and will for man to be fruitful.

I have also heard of brothers who go around proposing to whoever they desire; jumping from one woman to the other. We now hear of heartbroken men and women amongst believers just because we cannot afford to go to God in prayers for our spouse as it seems faster to do it our way.

It seems doing things our way provided a quicker alternative to get our young ones to marry. God’s way may seem longer but at the end we are certain of Godly homes from Godly marriages. Short cuts are never God’s style as it terminates in disasters like the case of father Abraham and Hagar.

Wait a minute, do people still propose before they got married in this part of the world much less a woman? It is common to see women pack their load into men’s houses and they call it marriage. When they are tired, they just call it quits.

To some, proposal making is old but I beg to differ. I told ladies in my church never to go into any marriage until a man proposes and they accept or rescind. A real man must be bold and romantic enough to look the lady he wants to spend the rest of his life with in the face and say “would you marry me?”

It was a wonderful experience when before I married my wife, I took her out one day as a friend and under a romantic atmosphere asked her to marry me.

You will love the experience, so join me as we journey further to unveil the traditionally impossible- she proposed to me.


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    • Cute Edge profile image

      Anthony Amalokwu 5 years ago from Nigeria

      My 8 years old daughter says this is the opposite of what she was taught in school...what is your take on this?