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Updated on July 10, 2011

As a divinely ordained institution,marriage is a relationship that should be handled with all seriousness.As a permanent life-time relationship,marriage demands genuine love,absolute trust and perpetual sacrifice.There is joy in a blissful marriage.In the divine realm,nothing happens by chance.God has a purpose for everything.Marriage is not an exception.He brings man and woman from locations for apart to establish His purpose[ Acts 17 vs 26].

The success or failure of a marriage depends on the couples themselves.Every marriage can work if the will and commitment to work is there.Every marriage has it ups and downs.There are always two sides to life.Just as the rail track is not complete without the two parallel lines,there is no marriage without its sweet and bitter experiences.A perfect marriage hardly exists.Luke 1 vs 37,for with God nothing shall be impossible.With the fear of God and enablement of the Holy Spirit,even the most unappealing personality can become an exciting and inseparable partner.

Where genuine love exists,everything else falls in place.It becomes much easier to forgive offences and and over look mistakes[1Peter 4 vs 8]. Nobody is perfect.Bible says,Then we who are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak,and not to please ourselves [Romans 15 vs 1].God brings the strong and weak together to make them one indivisible and formidable whole.When you support your spouse,you are doing yourself a favor.

May God makes our marriage a blissful one. Amen!


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