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Habits of a Gentleman

Updated on March 19, 2017


The general concept of gentleness is to be mild in behavior, kind in attitude, and calm in look. Many people possess these attributes, yet they are not regarded as gentlemen. Some, who do not exhibit these attributes, are still regarded as being gentle. Now comes the golden question; what makes a man gentle or who is a gentleman? This golden question would be asked by the opposite sex (women/ ladies). The attributes which make women regard men as being gentle vary from one individual to another. However there are general features which a gentle man should exhibit; maybe I should call it minimum features. It should be noted that these features are not parameters to measure a gentleman or to determine who is a gentleman. A gentleman will always prove himself, regardless of these features, by means which will be shown in the later part of this write up. The features of a gentleman are as follow:


this is a very good feature of a gentleman.” A gentleman must be polite in his approach” says Monalisa. “You cannot be a gentleman and be rude; you cannot be a gentleman and always be cautioned or be corrected (a gentleman is different from a gentle boy); his behavior should be in accordance with social rules.” “His manners of approach must be in such a way that will show that he has regards for others irrespective of their status or stature,” she said.


Integrity, according to, is a quality of being honest together with strong moral principles. A gentleman must be of complete integrity. A man with a dubious integrity can never be regarded as a gentleman.


a gentleman should be respectful to others. You can’t be a gentleman and still be disrespectful to others. The way you related with other should not be in a way that would make them feel inferior. Remember: respect is reciprocal.


humility is another good virtue of a gentleman. You are respected more when you are humble.


A perfect gentleman must be sincere with himself and others. As a gentleman, you need not pretend to be what you are not. Your yes should be yes and no should be no.

There are habits that make a man a gentleman. These are habits which one needs to exude in addition to the features listed above. These habits, if exuded, will make your woman go gaga. They are things which women desired consciously or unconsciously from a man (or their man). These habits are nothing but you express your love to her. As a man, you need to bear them in mind, and as a woman, you need to take note and watch out for them.

Smart/ intelligent:

A gentle man should be smart in look and intelligent in approach. A gentleman should be clean, neat and well shaved. You have to be conscious of your appearance.


Different individuals (women/ ladies) expect different attributes to regard a man as a gentleman. A man can posses the features of a gentle man and still may not be regarded as a gentleman, if he does not prove himself to be one. “Ladies like men to prove who they really are,” says Marcel, “how would I know you, if you don’t show me who you are.” A gentleman should be able to prove himself in character, look and conduct.

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