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12 Habits of Couples Who Don't Get Bored With Each Other

Updated on March 21, 2018

We’ve all heard about happy couples and fairytale romance but, do you wonder what is the secret behind such beautiful bonds? Whether you have been in a long-term relationship or it is just the beginning, there are a few unwritten and unspoken guidelines of love that are important for a healthy relationship.These habits can make relationships happier, healthier and last longer.

1. They give each other time

Happy couples spend time together. This does not mean sticking together throughout the day, it simply means whenever they are together they are really in that moment with each other. If a couple is just together physically but their mind is at a completely different place then they are not making use of that time they are spending together.

2. They respect each other’s space

Giving your partner their own personal space in a relationship is as important as spending time together. There are moments when you just want to hug them and share your achievements or just cry your heart out because something did not happen the way you expected it to be, but there are other times when you just want to be all by yourself. Believe me, giving the other person their own space and time is essential for the success of any relationship.

3. Different people, different opinions – they respect that

It is funny how I always tell my boyfriend that chocolate ice cream is any day better than butterscotch and he always disagrees. The difference in opinion, you see? From ice cream flavors to more stronger beliefs different people will always think differently, but the important thing is whether or not you respect the choices of the other person. By doing so not only will you avoid arguments but also your partner will feel more valued.

4. They appreciate

Dreamt of dating Nick Bateman or Scarlett Johansson? They’re Perfect, right? Well, no, even your celebrity crushes aren’t perfect. Everyone has some imperfections and that is what makes us beautiful and unique. Love your partners with all their insecurities and flaws. Appreciate them for who they are.

5. Talk it out- they do and you should too

He shouldn’t have said that to my friend or she could’ve been a little polite? Do you have such thoughts going on in your head? If yes, then just talk it out.COMMUNICATE. No matter how difficult or embarrassing it may be. Just tell them if something related to them is bothering you. They may feel bad for a little while but eventually, it will make your relationship grow stronger.

6. Honesty is important for them

You cannot cheat in a relationship and then expect it to work. Honesty in a relationship is very important which leads to mutual trust.

7. They love their partners but also themselves

We always talk of loving the other person in a relationship. However, another important aspect is to love yourself. I remember asking my boyfriend once, why did he love me to which he replied,“because of your love for yourself and your life.” Love yourself. Nobody wants to be with a person who always keeps on complaining about their life and talking of their insecurities.

8. They don’t wish to change their partners

Always remember you started loving them for who they are. Keep doing that. Don’t try to change them.

9. They’re proud of each other

If you are really into each other, don’t shy away from accepting it in front of the world. This does not mean that you keep talking of how good your partner. It simply means being open about your relationship and letting the world know that you’re proud of having them. However, in some cases, couples mutually decide to keep their relationship low key. Even then try and find ways to tell your partner that you feel lucky to have them.

10. They Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine they say. What could be better for a relationship than laughing together? Laugh at things you find silly yet cute about each other. Do that often.

11. They Fight

This may sound strange but it an essential part of a relationship. Don’t make fighting a habit but sometimes fighting and then making up can be good. Say whatever you have in your mind even if it may lead to an argument. It is essential to solve issues rather than letting everything build up in your mind which might eventually lead to a breakup.

12. They Love

The most important habit that every couple should practice is love. Love them will all your heart, soul, mind and body. Nothing can substitute love. Relationships with no feelings or love do not last.

© 2018 William MarkStone


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