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Hailing Self-Healing: A Hearty Way of Self-Forgiveness

Updated on March 26, 2019
Kristine Cerva profile image

Kristine Cerva is an aspiring writer who writes anything that captures her heart and soul.

The comforting process of loving one's self

Living life with regrets and doubts to yourself is one of the most difficult phases of a person’s life. It is like facing a mirror everyday and all you can see is a broken, hopeless, and numb soul. It is like looking at the vibrant eyes of an exuberant woman that fade its light as guilt slowly eats up her whole system. It is like listening to the lively voice of an enthusiastic man that dwindles as nightmares from the past continue to hunt him in the present. Maybe, you are one of them who silently cry every night as you hope for a faster recovery from a tragic event that has made you mad at yourself.

Self-forgiveness often questions your credibility as a person. You start to ask questions about your decisions in life such as “Why did I do such thing?” and “Why did I let that happen?” And sadly, you start to doubt your own self. You start to fill the empty spaces within you with regrets and guilt. You start to blame yourself for everything even if it is not connected to you. You start to become paranoid in your actions and words. You start to overthink everything because anxiety creeps into your system and steadily locks your soul.

The fear of being judged by the people around you, the guilt you always feel every time the same thing happens, and the fear of repeating the same mistake stop you from forgiving yourself. You keep yourself away from people to prevent chaos and misunderstandings. You are scared of confrontations because you know that in the end you are the one who is responsible for everything.

Be kind to yourself. Do not stop yourself from healing—because it will help you forgive yourself. Yes, you probably committed mistakes from the past but it doesn’t mean you are not capable of freeing yourself from doubts, regrets, and guilt that you are feeling.

Move on. Let yourself learn from those mistakes. Motivate yourself to be better and matured. Do not let your thoughts and emotions eat you up and lock you forever. You are not living in this world without a purpose. You are amazing. You are perfectly imperfect.

Listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice may help you decipher the things that are happening to you. Life will never stop giving you challenges in life but you have the ability to stop yourself from believing that you are not capable of changing. You are capable of doing something great.

Believe in yourself. Be courageous enough to accept that you are a human, you commit mistakes and you hurt other people. Be courageous enough to accept that you have your weaknesses and strengths and that what make you a person.

Strengthen your soul. Do not let those never-ending questions inside your head disturb your peace. Learn to forgive yourself through accepting your imperfections. Discover yourself through an honest confrontation and reflection of your actions and behavior. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Your mistakes will take you to a higher level of learning—and that’s life, an endless process of learning.

Sympathize with your own soul. Move forward and do not let your doubts and worries pull you away from your recovering soul.

Make things work this time. Let yourself heal from all the pain, rejections, and mistakes that hinder you from moving forward. And then after healing, it is now the time for you to forget all those bittersweet memories that hurt you. It is now your time to forgive yourself from all those intentional and unintentional heartaches. Do not pressure yourself as forgiving one’s self takes time. Let yourself mourn from all the things that have cause you pain. Take things slowly.

Lastly, appreciate and love yourself even more because you are more beautiful than you know.


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