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Express Yourself with A Vintage Wedding & Unique Wedding Footwear

Updated on October 25, 2013

Why Have A Vintage Wedding?

More and more brides are planning vintage styled weddings because they can truly express their personalities through their wedding d├ęcor, location, photos and attire.

Vintage weddings, also known as 'anthropologie weddings', can be both ritzy or economical. You can buy a brand new dress with a classic look from a bridal store or you can opt for something trendy and unique that you pick up from Etsy (online store full of handmade goods). The fun part about a vintage wedding is there is not set of rules.

Couples are finding new ways to go 'out of the box' with their weddings. Everything seems to follow trends and vintage weddings are what is hot and in-style at the moment. All you have to do is visit Pinterest (online photo board site) and do a search for 'vintage wedding' or 'anthropologie wedding' and you will see many wedding trends and ideas.


Express Yourself with Your Wedding Footwear

When choosing a vintage style wedding you will want to center your wedding attire around your bridal gown. Once you know what the bride is wearing you can mix and match the grooms-wear and bridesmaids dresses.

With a vintage or rustic wedding theme, you can wear just about any shoe you like. If you are incorporating an outdoor wedding ceremony in the country you can wear anything from rubber boots to authentic moccasins. I have seen many wedding photos where the bride lifts up her dress to reveal a cute pair of loafers or mid-calf moccasins.

Moccasins are a great option for your bridal party footwear. The natural leather colors and brown tones compliment the outdoors and genuine leather moccasins are extremely comfortable. If you want your entire bridal party to match, they could all wear moccasins and this could double as their bridal part gift. Who doesn't love a pair of comfortable and stylish moccasins.


Where Can You Buy Moccasins

There are many online stores that offer a large selection in moccasins for men, women and children. I would make sure you buy genuine leather moccasins as these are going to be the softest and most comfortable moccasins for sale.

If you buy cheap moccasins made of synthetic materials you might end up with blisters and your feet will likely sweat a lot, which could cause foot odor.

At Moccasins Canada we sell a large variety of moccasins made of genuine deer, elk, moose or cowhide leather in all sorts of styles. All of our moccasins are authentic and handmade by Native North American Indians.

To view our selection in genuine suede or leather moccasins visit us online at


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