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Romantic Poems

Updated on January 26, 2017


There’s something changed about me,

And soon you’ll come to see,

Why all my giddy & my glee,

For this bride-to-be.

I had nothing in my life,

But much toil & plenty strife,

All my hope rested in the afterlife,

And then you asked me to be your wife.

I had no plans whatsoever,

I could live my life wheresoever,

I could do with my life howsoever,

Until you asked me to be yours forever.

But now I’ve come to rediscover,

A new gem of perfect luster,

Inside of me it was undercover,

Until you wanted me as your other.

Not a one or anybody,

Can take this feeling of jubilee,

This wonderful peace that’s found me,

‘Cause I’m your bride-to-be.

Becoming One

It started with one word,

The sweetest I had ever heard,

Not long after we were friends,

Traversing life thru all it's bends.

Not knowing where this was going,

But loving the love that was flowing,

Between two hearts, innocent and young,

That soon would be Becoming One.

Some called it a summer fling,

That we'd hoped to turn a bigger thing,

Blindly we stepped, the leap of Faith,

Each other's affections, hoping to reciprocate,

It happened under the September sun,

Our two minds had Become One.

Who knew what to expect from a love so new?

Who knew what falling in love could do?

My will once strong had started shaking,

My walls around me now tumbled & breaking,

Under your touch, like a Magician's spell,

Gravity pulled & I fell,

Our hearts racing, & the whole world spun,

The day our bodies united, Becoming One.

Time marched on, without a doubt,

You're the one I can not live without,

You asked me once, & presented a ring,

And promised a life no other could bring,

I pledged myself to you in a white dress,

To answer your question, I said yes,

Before God the Father, & His Holy Son,

Our spirits forever Becoming One.

My Love

I never thought I'd love,
Love someone like this,
Never thought I'd see,
The other side of bliss,
Never thought I'd taste,
The sweet nectar of a kiss,
Never imagined I could be,
Someone's life accomplice.

I can't believe,
How we came to be,
You were amazing you,
And I was simply me.

Who had thought your eyes,
Upon me would see,
My worth, my beauty,
My feminine delicacy?

I tried so hard to hide,
The worthless,
And the hate,
That I felt inside.
But with one look you erased,
The black hole in my galaxy, my space.

My heart is so full,
With love overpouring,
Every day is Paradise,
In our love, ever enduring.

How Do I Tell You I Love You?

How do I tell you I love you?

Will the touch of a hand suffice?

Or maybe you would prefer,

Just a loving look from my eyes.

How do I tell you I love you?

Sometimes all it takes is a smile,

Would that reveal to you my heart?

Then I will do that every once in a while.

How do I tell you I love you?

Can it all be summed up in a card?

Or is paper too small to hold,

What’s in my heart for you, its regard?

Should these words be bluntly said,

To last a day, a year, forever in your head?

Do I whisper them sensuously in your ear,

Or shout it out for all to hear?

Is there a secret I don’t know,

A way to show you my love for you just grows and grows?

I think it’s in every day living,

In the memories we get to share,

But just for today, I’ll simply say,

I love you.


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    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      Just beautiful :)

      Stay blessed


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