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Staying married : a choice

Updated on February 27, 2011

Last December 31, 2007, Angel & I celebrated our 22nd year wedding anniversary. wow.

I just couldnt help it - I let it out, this joke I have been saving just for this occassion. I told him, babe its been 22 long years and there's still the two of us.... I asked him, "Wala bang iba?" and I grinned. Well, Angel - the gentleman that he is, pinched my chin and with so much coolness said, ..."you're stuck with me"....and blew a kiss.

yeah, right. twenty two years and still counting. if i look back now, memories of fun, laughter, love, pains, difficulties, struggles and sucessess come to mind - whew. t'was not a walk in the park huh. neither was it a picnic.

i mean, it takes character to be with the same person for twenty two years. as a matter of fact, it takes a lot of humility, selflessness, understanding, patience, strength, maturity & PRAYERS ( on both sides, i mean) to be able to last this long and still find your significant other attractive & desirable - pretty much like how you see him/her when you were just starting out as lovers.

hey, please, dont get me wrong here. angel and i also had our "moments" - its never "happy" or "A-ok" all the time. We have been through a lot - a whole lot, that maybe what we went through all these years kept us knitted together. Maybe being there for each other was our way of coping - - even if at times we'd rather be "You and I" and not "us!"

On few occassions, my daughter, Sarah (hehe) would ask me if I dont ever get "sawa" with daddy? To that I say, no - never. I always tell my daughter(s) that marriage is like a career! It requires hard work, and the truth of the matter is, its really up to the both of you to keep your marriage alive ( or dead ). There are a lot of things you can do to keep the fire burning! and its possible!

But really, more than the patience, the understanding and all these virtues I just mentioned, the real key here is having GOD as the center of your marriage. It is really through HIM that one is able to give and forgive, love and one is perfect. everyone is always looking for his interest more than the other person's, so its not quite possible to stay together given this situation, right?. But if God is in the middle, your perspective changes. Its not about me, but its more about how I can make my spouse happy. (naks)

Its just unfortunate that not all married people stay married to the same person. No condemnation here. It happens. We are humans. We are bound to commit sins and mistakes. But then again, its not also an excuse not to remain married to the person you vowed to love for the rest of your life.(in sickness or in health, for richer or for poorer...till death do us part...remember?

The key is surrender.

Surrender your life to the One who holds your life.

Let GO and let GOD.


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