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Happiness Chapters 12 - 16

Updated on July 4, 2015

Happiness - Chapter 12

Gale loved meeting Chaz after work,
then spending the night in his suite at the Peachtree Hotel.
She never tired of the skyline view of Atlanta,
or being with the man she loved so dearly.

He would reminisce about their first night together,always remembering the intensity of their feelings."If we had made love on the beach, you would have gotten pregnant. I wanted to stay deep inside of you. You felt like home" he would tell her. His words went straight to her heart.She never doubted what he said.
She knew that this time in her life was her dreams coming true,
and she was very thankful.
It was now two months after their
trip to Florida. The weather had
gotten cool and Thanksgiving was
two weeks away.
Aunt Duchess had been very understanding
about watching Little Charlie when
she planned to be with Chaz.

Chaz always cleaned up after work, and tonight Gale's heart skipped a beat when he walked into the room looking "drop dead gorgeous".He seemed a bit nervous."What's on your mind, handsome?"Gale asked softly.

Chaz took her into his arms as they sat on the couch watching the lights in the night sky."Janice and I are completely finished. I'm moving to Atlanta and I want you to move in with me.There are some nice apartments in Decatur, near your Aunt. We can be in by Thanksgiving".

Tears of happiness came to Gale's eyes,as she asked, "How many bedrooms?

We have to have at least two, maybe three..."pausing, looking into Chaz's blue eyes. "I'm going to have your child...probably in June. I did get pregnant...when we were in Florida...our very first time together."

Chaz hugged her to him as happiness glowed in their faces."You'll always have my heart",Gale whispered as Chaz lifted her mouth to his.

Chapter 13

The pending birth of baby boy Henry kept Gale busy and happy.The move into the three bedroom apartment
went smoothly over the
Thanksgiving holidays.
Now in her second trimester, Gale had
every intention of getting their things
in order and creating a "little boy"
bedroom for both Charlie and Henry.
When she asked Chaz to somehow
let Little Charlie know that they had the same
name, it was a delight to observe.
Chaz started out by saying,
"Your mama said your name is
Charlie. Is that right?"
The five year old said "Yea, but mama
calls me Little Charlie and I don't know why.
I'm the tallest in K-5."
"Maybe she did not want to get "us" mixed up.
My name is Charlie too."
"For real?" wide eyed Charlie asked.
"Mama, we got the same name,
but you don't call him "big",
so you don't have to
call me "little" anymore. OK, mama?"
From then on, the times when Chaz got home before dark, Charlie was like his shadow.
Gale was content and it showed in her
every expression.
June came and on the 7th, Henry arrived,
a healthy eight pound boy, with blue eyes
like his daddy.
Gale knew that Chaz wanted a daughter,
so she told him that it would be just as easy
to stay home with three little ones as it was with two.
When Henry was six weeks old, Aunt Duchess
spent the week.

The calendar was marked so Gale knew the best time to conceive.
Gale surprised Chaz when she met him as he was leaving the job site. He never liked surprises, but she had worked so diligently to pull this time together.She hoped he would be understanding,after all she now looked her best since Henry was born.
She was wearing her new dark jeans,
black strappy heels and next to her creamy white skin,she had on a pair of black thigh high hose with extra wide lace.
She had bought a silk blouse in Chaz's favorite color,
aqua blue."Wow, you look good enough to eat", Chaz said as he gave her a deep kiss. She turned red,flushed with desire for the only man she had ever loved. After dinner, they revisited the Peachtree Hotel.
It was the first time they had made love
since the baby was born...and it was wonderful.

Their relationship continued to have a magnetic sexual quality to it.Gale felt as if they both fed on this energy with the result that it was strengthening and supportive for them both. Chaz was truly the "king of his domain" and Gale was his natural partner.


Chaz liked having two sons and
a sweet lady to come home to.
She reminded him of the country song
"She Doesn't know She's Beautiful."
Gale was a "stay at home mom",
with sense enough to take care of herself, too.
She had been on target about
the time to get pregnant...
and making a baby in the luxurious Peachtree
was a time they would forever remember.
The thoughts of their intimate moments
gave her chills much of the time.
When they were together as a family, their
conversations were all about Chaz' work, his desire to play ball again, plans about their dream home in north Georgia,about what had happened with
the boys, but today she had a delightful
story to tell.
After listening to Dr. Schneider
tell her all the reasons
she should not have gotten pregnant so soon,
he agreed to bring this next child into the world too.
When leaving the office she decided to
go to a new classy restaurant that
was near home for a late lunch.
As she waited for her food, she thought about
how happy she was.
Charlie liked kindergarten and was growing like a weed.
Chaz was teaching him to throw a ball and they were
bonding well.
Baby Henry was already turning over
and was a happy baby...and Chaz?
he made her feel like a princess,
talking about the plans for a house
in rolling hills of north Georgia.
About that time, the waitress walked up
with a message,
"The gentleman sitting over there
would like to talk with you."
She handed Gale a business card with the
"PLAYBOY" logo on it and the name,
Mr. Lawrence Walker,
Regional Vice president.
Gale was in such a positive mood,
that she nodded and smiled at
the gentleman from the
Playboy Magazine.
He took that as a cue to walk over
and sit down.
As Gale recalled the conversation for
Chaz, he had a quizzical look on his face.
"He asked me to pose for
"Playboy Magazine".
He said they were
always looking for new faces,
with that special glow. And apparently,
I have it," Gale continued,
"but I told him that I had just found out that I was
pregnant and I was deliriously happy and it showed on my face.
Of course I said thank you but NO thank you.
I could just see you signing a release form
for me to take my clothes off for some
random photographers" Smiling all the while,
Gale finally had to laugh, "But all in all,
it was an ego building moment, and let's face it,
those moments are few and far between
for us "stay at home moms."

Chapter 15

When Charles Henry Addison Zane celebrated his thirtieth birthday he was working still in busy Atlanta, being a part of the city's history, and he could feel the rise of discontent within him.

He was ready to use his communication skills and his God given intelligence within his career. However, he was glad that his job had been secure for over a decade, building the rail system known as
The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA for short.
Again this week he would work on the portion of the underground foundation
just off Northside Drive.
The area was quite large:
the cut in the earth was about 130 feet wide and 40 feet deep.
The base slab was four feet thick reinforced concrete.
The walls were eighteen inches thick and the
top slab was heavily reinforced, thirty inches thick.
When finished it would be one of the main lines feeding downtown Atlanta.
Chaz had been in the "hot seat" of an eighty-five ton Link Belt motor crane
with 180 feet of boom and jib.
All month he had worked from forty feet down in the ground
up to street level, pouring the base and the walls,
moving forward all the while.
Chaz realized that "moving forward" was the motto for his life.
At thirty, he was satisfied with the progress of his life...
but not with the progress of the house.
What did Gale call it? Yes, their "Italian Villa"...
although it was taking much longer to complete than he had expected...
too much rain and cold weather this past winter.
He tried to keep his mind occupied with plans about their
dream home up in the mountains, with the moving date set for October, which was only four months away. The space in the apartment became smaller with each passing year.
He wanted to make a career change, but
the money was too good to walk away now...he would consider that
after his family's move into the house...
but what to do?

To move away from indecision, Chaz deliberately thought about the past five years.In his mind's eye: he could see eleven year old Charlie throwing the baseball against the apartment's steps.He could not get over how much that boy was like him about sports, and it sure made him smile when Chaz heard someone say ,"Charlie Zane is a chip off the old block", as his tall son carried the last name "Zane" now that the adoption was final. Younger brother, five year old Henry, had not decided if he liked "school" or not. He was a loving child with hugs for everyone.Gale had taught both boys and their little sister all the colors, the entire alphabet,and they all could count to a hundred when they were enrolled in K-4.

Gale was a conscientious mother for the children, and a real playmate,a lover in every traditional sense for him.There was a mystery of mutual discovery in their intimate moments...moments that gave him enough self confidence to conquer the world.He thought of her sweet kisses,and how she loved to love him.

Drifting back and reliving the quick wedding out in Vegas, spending two days and nights together in the gorgeous corner of the Wynn Hotel was a man's fantasy come true.He had written to Gale when work had called him to Tennessee,"I would like to spend the day doing nothing but loving you,with snacks and wine and naps in between".And that long weekend in Vegas saw that wish come true.

He missed their private togetherness when he was staying at the Peachtree...could it really be five years ago? But "responsibility" was number one on their page when Henry was born and about a year later adorable Addison joined her brothers to complete the family..."his" family. Since both boys had a part of his name, he thought Gale should name their daughter. Gale felt very strongly that the name had to be Addison which was still part of Chaz;s full name. It was her way of validating her thankfulness for their life together. Wow, time sure can change things, but he would not have it any other way...he was thankful too.

The whistle for lunch brought Chaz back to real time. He was tired of being around so much traffic in Atlanta and looked forward to moving on to the next job near the coast in Savannah, Georgia. Gale had roots in Savannah that went back for five generations. It would be a great summer for them all.

The Dream Home - almost complete
The Dream Home - almost complete
Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall
The circular stairway
The circular stairway
Aunt Duchess will move in with the family.
Aunt Duchess will move in with the family.

Chapter 16

Getting Ready to Move - Chapter 16

When Chaz told Gale of his job in Savannah for the summer,
she was delighted and excited with anticipation.
She loved her hometown, and after many
hours of planning with Chaz, they decided to
rent an apartment on River Street since the
company would pay a perdiem for their lodging.
The cobblestone street ran along the Savannah River,
where you could almost touch the huge cargo ships
coming and going into the large port.
There were quaint shops, upscale hotels, and
numerous restaurants featuring cuisine from
local seafood, true Greek gyros, delicious chicken fingers...
the choices went on and on.And that was just River Street!
She and the children would have a great summer vacation!
But now there was so much to do.
First they would move all of their furniture into
one of the finished rooms in their own "Italian Villa".
If only it was ready, but, no, it would still be
another three to four months,
before they could move in permanently.
Gale was so proud of Chaz.
He worked long, hard hours in the heat or cold
at the controls of the gigantic cranes, but
his paycheck was worth it.
He had planned on building a large four thousand
square foot home in the rolling foothills of north Georgia
for many years, and now it was almost complete!
They had discussed many of the details, but
Gale trusted Chaz as he had excellent taste.
The only area of concern had been the choice of colors.
Gale was not afraid to use colors throughout,
but Chaz loved the very conservative beige tones.
They decided to use the decorating style of the
very elegant, very exclusive Wynn Hotel and Caesar's Palace
in Las Vegas, plus the Peachtree Hotel as a guide.
Their home would be a combination of their
memories and personal tastes:
a true reflection of their personalities.
With a thankful heart, Gale spent her days
packing personal belongings for their
stay in Savannah for at least three months.
Out-of-season clothing, household items
and all the things she could get
into heavy duty plastic bins came next.
These bins and all of the furniture
would be moved into one of the large
finished rooms in their new home,
just waiting for her family to move in.She would plan an awesome celebration for their first Christmas in their beautiful Italian Villa.
Joy filled Gale with thankfulness
for her marriage, for her healthy children,
for the pending vacation, the move into
their "dream home",
but at the top of her list was Chaz.
If only she could explain her deep
abiding love for him.
Their relationship was filled with passion, but
a passion filled with a spiritual connection.
Their conversations
were inspiring and uplifting,
from making plans about the house,
the children's progress, politics, sports,
the Templar Knights, the love of the Lord...
She prayed that their happiness
would continue
as they traveled through their thirties.

Planning to move into Dream Home
Planning to move into Dream Home
Gale starts packing for the family's move.
Gale starts packing for the family's move.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Oh, I love the pictures, very beautiful. Thank's for some background on the story. Happy to know they found happiness. I wish i could answer your question, wouldn't it be wonderful to know what we know now back when we were twenty?...See you..Smiles.

    • Ladyfairz profile imageAUTHOR

      Facebook - ZONA GAYLE 

      7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Hope you get a chance to view pictures I added. This is truly a dream home, the first of several that Chaz builds. A positive story of two people working together, getting into the area of agreement that is blessed of the Lord.Why can't you know that at age 20?

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This was another great part of a very interesting love/family story. I can't help but feel that it's personal, i may be all wet about that, time will tell. I'm enjoying each chapter..Thank you for sharing...Cheers


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