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Happy Birthday Letter to My Best Friend

Updated on September 24, 2015

Birthday Letter to Your Best Friend

I am sharing happy birthday letter to my best friend with my readers, you may add or edit your own real friendship story in this sample letter and could post it on his or her birthday with a lovely gift. Many of the girls out there publish their bit funny or much emotional boyfriend birthday letters on the Tumblr and Facebook, you may also do so, but you need a care, never ever share an emotional or secret letter of your best friend with the public on the social networks. A faithful friendship is the most precious blessing one could get in this living world, by posting these thank you quotes for friends on the Facebook and Instagram, you may pay a little appreciation to your true buddies.

A true friendship is just a form of energy. If you friends with someone, that’s because you are open to the flow of energy, and if someone breaks your trust, that's simply because at that point in life that someone don't need your energy. That doesn't mean you block the energy flow with other people around and stop making new friends. If you can't trust you'll never be able to enjoy what and who the other person is meant to be on your life for.

Happy birthday to the love of my life, you are the best thing I ever discover in my life
Happy birthday to the love of my life, you are the best thing I ever discover in my life

Letter to My Best Friend on Her Birthday

Dear friend,

Happy birthday my best friend, I wish, you could read this letter before opening my gift on your 21st birthday. Friendship endures the good bad and the ugly. Those meant to be in your life for this purpose will encourage you in the toughest of situations. Hold air tight your secrets and fight on your behalf when you've grown too weak to do, but the beauty of true friendship comes through peace. When you reach a state of unconditional love and friendship towards someone, you will have the strength to drop all guards. You will have the power to accept gracefully and be beyond all the noise in your head. You will find yourself in a state of free falling with universal plan of your chart and a state of gratitude for the love that you feel. Sometimes unconditional friendship towards someone can be a mirror to your own soul.

Life is passing by before you even realize it. We all know living for opinions of others is a waste but still we get engulfed by the need to seek approval and need to fit it. I have seen people trying to go that extra mile to fit in and then realize that it’s not their cup of tea. You are made not to fit in; you are made to constantly evolve. if you start fitting in, you'll just be stuck just where others are, or slow down your growth to the pace of others. Fitting in will restrict your experience and growth in the journey of life, taking you away from all the experience that is meant for you.

In life there will be many people who will pull you down and tear you apart with their words. They may shatter your wisdom, crumble your respect beneath their feet, look at you like you just don't exist or sometimes even convince you to believe that you are as bad and ugly as they think you are. You are just a choice away from buying or discarding their crap. Just a choice away from becoming who they want you to be and then make a point about how true they were about you. If you ever are in a situation like this use silence as your strength because in silence all judgments are lost and devalued.

I just want to send out a sincere thank you on your birthday to not only one of my best friends, but a friend who has been a brother to me. You know who you are, and thank you. I've been pretty conflicted about a lot of things in my life, and your guidance and love have been nothing short of a double shot of clarity. Thank you so much.

From: Your best friend forever

We are friends forever

When best friends come in our life in childhood or adult age, it’s usually for a reason. A reason unknown but yet meant to be. On a sub conscious level we have selected those people as our friends for a higher cause which is only revealed with time. While close friends are selected by us, on the earthly realm it's purely our choice of free will that acts as a catalyst to carry forward the karmic reasoning gracefully. The more you loyal, the longer you'll take to finish your karma towards your own soul perception.


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      3 years ago

      hi i like what you wrote for best friend letters and i just want to say if i gave one of those letters to my best friend she would hug me from the time the sun came of until the next day. So thank you for sharing your best friend letters with us because you gave me something to think about for my best friends birthday.


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