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Happy Birthday wishes for your wife: Messages, poems and quotes to write on her birthday card

Updated on September 19, 2012
You can take your wife's birthday wish to a whole new romantic level by reciting a poem for her as you romantically gaze into her eyes. Follow it up with a gift that she would love.
You can take your wife's birthday wish to a whole new romantic level by reciting a poem for her as you romantically gaze into her eyes. Follow it up with a gift that she would love. | Source

Happy birthday wishes for your wife can be messages, funny one-liners, quotes or romantic poems that scream out your love for her. You can write them on a card, send SMSes, update your Facebook, send out tweets or even put up sticky notes all over your bedroom walls. Get in the party mood and wish your wife happy birthday with a message that swoops her off her feet. Pamper her, shower her with gifts and show her how good a husband you can be.

1) I surrender my wallet and bank accounts to you today. Pick what you want sweetheart. You deserve it. Happy birthday.

2) I can spend a lifetime looking into your eyes. Time stands stills and the universe conspires to give us happiness always. Here's to celebrating the birthday of a wife and mother like no other. Happy birthday darling.

3) I have a special Facebook update which I have tweeted on Twitter. It says 'My hot and beautiful wife turned hotter and more beautiful on her birthday today' Have a great one you pretty thing, can't wait to celebrate in the evening.

4) The new Kindle Fire HD? A new dress? An iPhone? An expensive watch? A weekend in Hawaii? A full day at a spa resort? Name your gift because I have been saving for your birthday since a long time. Happy birthday sweetheart, make the most of it. You may not find these levels of generosity from me again.

5) Have I been dreaming all these years or has a princess like you really been a part of my life? Happy birthday to the most beautiful wife in the world, from the luckiest husband in the world.

6) People say that age brings maturity but I am happy to say that our married life is getting peppier with every passing year. Here's a very happily married husband's attempt at wishing his dream life partner a very happy birthday.

7) Even after all these years....

I feel like a giddy teenager in love when I hold you

I get weak knees when you kiss me

I giggle when you flirt with me

I get turned on by your every move

Even after all these years

I love you from the deepest corner of my heart

Happy birthday my love

8) I hope destiny keeps giving you wonderful surprises every single day of your life. I have a gut feeling that you are going to have a super year ahead. Happy birthday.

9) Are you going to stop turning more gorgeous every year before I pass out? Happy birthday sweetheart.

10) I did not wish you on Facebook nor have I replied to my friends' tweet about your birthday. I want my wish to be special and not lost in the hundreds of others that will bombard your inbox today. So let me hold you in my arms, let me look into your eyes, and let me express my undying love for you, like a true lover, husband and soul mate. Happy birthday darling.

11) Your birthday sends me diving into a pool of happy memories of our married life. My life wouldn't have been half of what it is right now, had you been missing from it. Thanks for being the guiding light and the shining star in my universe. I love you, happy birthday.

12) My life is worth living just because I see your pretty face every morning. Happy birthday sweetheart.

13) I took a day off from work so I can be your slave today. I don't want you doing anything other than eating delicious cake, sipping champagne and living the high life. At your service, birthday girl. Happy birthday.

14) Diva, damsel and darling – The three words that describe the best wife in the world. Happy birthday gorgeous.

15) Happy birthday to my dearest wife, agony aunt, best friend and a loyal supporter. Cheers.

16) Your birthday puts a smile on my face because it reminds me of all the crazy years we have spent, all the stupid things we have done and the wonderful life we still have ahead of us. Happy birthday sweetheart.

17) Take the day off, pamper yourself at a spa, go out shopping with your girlfriends and paint the town red. It is your birthday today and I want you to have the best time of your life. Happy birthday dear.

18) After all these years of marriage I still feel like the teenager who fought to win your heart. You are still the high school sweetheart and I keep falling for you over and over again. Happy birthday beautiful.

19) You are the reason my life is so awesome right now. I have everything I could ever wish for and more. That has been made possible only because of a partner like you. Happy birthday darling.

20) Here's to a great companion, a sweet friend, a sexy lady and the most beautiful human being I know. Happy birthday to you dear.

21) You have lit up my life every single day of the year. Today it is my turn. I am going to make your birthday one of the most memorable days of your life. I love you darling.

22) This birthday message entitles you to a day full of fun, pampering, partying and presents organized by your husband and kids. Offer valid for 24 hours only. Happy birthday.

23) This is the day you came into this world and became destined to be my beautiful wife. How can I not celebrate this wonderful day? Here's raising a toast to the birthday of and the delightful years to come.

24) You are the rose tinted glass through which I see the world. With you by my side, everything is perfect. Have a great birthday.

25) The birds are chirping

The rainbow is sneaking up on the valley

The sun is just perfectly bright

The dew is still resting

The mist is still in the air

There is a reason why today feels so right

That is because it's your birthday – Have a good one

26) Have you ever given a gift to an angel? Let me tell you that it is a tough job because I have to buy a gift an angel today and it is turning out to be the most difficult thing. Happy birthday honey.

27) Guess who has called all our friends over for a party tonight? Guess who has got a nice gift for you? Guess who is about to plant a cheeky kiss while wishing you a very happy birthday? Muah.

28) Today you are my master, I am your genie and your wish is my command. Let's start your birthday with some breakfast in bed after which you can order me around all day long. Happy birthday.

29) A loving mommy, sexy wife, talented professional and best friend to many – So many lives depend on you every day. Today I want you to take a break from all your responsibilities. Sit back and enjoy the treat as your kids, husband, colleagues and friends team up to give you the best birthday party every. Happy birthday.

30) May I take the liberty to tell you that you're the hottest, sweetest, sexiest and the most irresistible woman in the whole world? Oops, I already did. Happy birthday hotness.

31) My destiny is incomplete without you, my life is bitter without your presence and my soul parches without the sweet nectar of yours. Happy birthday angel.

32) Dear wifey, I want to tell you that I am in your life to fulfill every wish of yours. All you need to do is keep dreaming and I will try my best to bring all your dreams to life. Happy birthday sweetheart.

33) Let's pop champagne for the prettiest woman in the whole world. Let's tell the whole world that I am the luckiest man ever. Happy birthday sweety.

34) I still remember the day when I held your hand and asked you to be mine forever. I thought that would be the best moment of my life. But as time went by, I have realized that every day with you is a nice surprise and a memory that I want to treasure forever. Happy birthday darling.

35) Like wine you are getting sweeter with every passing year. Lucky me! Happy Birthday.

36) Troubles become tolerable and life becomes livable only because of you. Happy Birthday to my dearest wife.

37) W – ____

I – ____

F – ____

E – ____

I couldn't find any words to fill in those blanks because you mean the world to me. Those blanks were too small for fit in how I feel about you even after 10 years of marriage. Happy birthday honey.

38) I still feel the same butterflies in my stomach that I felt when I first met you. The years have gone by but your beauty still mesmerizes me, your voice still comforts me, your eyes make me smile and your sensuality gives me goose bumps. Happy birthday doll.

39) Your kids and I tried to bake a cake for you but it got burnt. Just another example of how we are all so handicap without you. You are the super star of our lives. Happy birthday, we love you.

40) Doctors should take you in for tests to find out what keeps you so young. You may be 40 but you look like 25. Happy birthday.

41) It is your birthday today and you know what that means – Lots of hugs, kisses, cake and presents from me and your loving kids. Dearest mommy to two kids and loving wife to one equally loving husband, happy birthday.

42) The only person who I can show my real self to

The only person who I can bare my heart open to

The only person who I can open up my soul to

Is you and only you

Happy birthday

43) Even super heroes need a break – Especially the ones who can juggle family, work, relationships and motherhood together. Thanks for being the real super hero in our lives. Why don't you take the day off from work today so your family can pamper you till no end? To start with, here's wishing you happy birthday with breakfast in bed. Bon appétit.

44) Today is the only day of the year when I won't say a word if you max out my credit card. Go for it girl, you deserve it. You are the love of my life. Happy birthday dear.

45) This message is an official announcement by your husband to tell everyone that he is married to the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Happy birthday.

46) If sunshine had a face, it would be you. Happy birthday beautiful woman.

47) A hug from your kids, a kiss from your hubby, many gifts from all of us and a thundering cheer from all your friends who will be here any minute for the party. Happy birthday.

48) Did you just hear the oven timer? Must have been the cake me and the kids baked for you. Did you just hear your phone and laptop beep? Must have been your friends sending you messages and emails, and posting wishes on your Facebook. Did you just hear the doorbell? Must be the guy delivering flowers for you. Did you just hear someone say I love you? Must have been my heart saying it while I wake you up, kiss you and wish you a very happy birthday.

49) No gift in the world can match the awesomeness you bring in my life every day. Happy birthday sweetheart.

50) I could have called you at work but I didn't

I could have sent you a message but I didn't

I could have written a poem but I didn't

I could have made a card for you but I didn't

That's because I want my wish to be special

I want to hold you by the waist and whisper in your ears

To tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met

Happy birthday

Funny birthday wishes for your wife

1) Wake up honey, it's your birthday today. Do you see this cake in my hand.... Well, now it's on your face. Happy birthday!

2) Do I see a wrinkle on your face? Oh, I forgot, you just got a year older! Happy birthday wifey.

3) I decided not to give you a gift this year because I overheard you telling your friends on the phone that you are not going to accept any gifts when they come to your birthday party today. No gift, but I got you a hug. Happy birthday.

4) With every passing year you seem to become younger. Do you have a secret to this or is it just because I'm so madly in love with you that I have been blinded? Happy birthday sweetheart.

5) How do you feel now that you are one year older? I bet it doesn't feel good at all. Well I hope this message cheers you up. Happy birthday.

6) I am sorry I couldn't buy a gift for you. I began thinking about it in the morning after which I got lost thinking about how beautiful you are. Not my fault, is it? Happy birthday beautiful.

7) Feel free to demand anything you want today. It is your birthday and I am not going to refuse anything you ask of me. Be warned though, this offer is valid for the next 24 hours only. Happy birthday.

8) A year older already? Gee, time flies and so does your age. Pension, retirement, health fund, check-ups, wrinkles, living alone and so much more. It's time you start thinking about all these things darling. Meanwhile, happy birthday.

9) All year round you have been dieting and staying away from sweets. Let's not spoil all that hard work by gorging on cake. No cake for you today, missy. Happy birthday.

10) Your birthday gift this year might officially be the worst gift that I have ever given to you in all these years because I… err… baked a cake which got a little burnt. Happy birthday.


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    • deepikamehra2012 profile image

      Deepika Mehra 

      7 years ago from New Delhi

      i like point number 6..really very cute... hope these points will work for husbands.

    • inspiringly profile image

      Jen Granger 

      7 years ago from NY

      Thanks so much!!! I gonna send my husband this link!!

    • profile image

      Jeremy Rawlings 

      7 years ago

      Many excellent wishes will help many people.

    • unknown spy profile image

      Life Under Construction 

      7 years ago from Neverland

      poems and sweet note of love is really great to give to your partner's special day.

    • idigwebsites profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      Aaaaaawww! Married men should really see this! I am going to share this hub in hopes that my male co-hubbers may spot this. Also voting it up and beautiful. :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The birthday wishes helped me a lot thanks for posting them. I'm looking forward to see more birthday wishes in the future.

    • Obreinfamily profile image

      Amy Goldstein 

      7 years ago from Chesterfield

      I once made a poem and had it made in a message bottle. The company delivered it at the time to the guy I was dating- and he was so impressed by it.

    • vutto profile image


      7 years ago

      I like your way, how you write. And thanks for the "Happy birthday to my dearest wife, agony aunt, best friend and a loyal supporter" :)

    • Eiddwen profile image


      8 years ago from Wales

      So very beautiful and thank you so much for sharing.

      Have a wonderful day.



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