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Happy birthday wishes for your boss: Wish your boss with personalized messages and poems

Updated on July 21, 2012

Wondering what to write on a birthday card for your boss? Be different than the rest by writing a personalized birthday wish for your boss in the form of a message, poem or even a scribbled sticky note on his or her desk. Below are original Happy Birthday Wishes for bosses from which you can take ideas from. Some are funny, some are straight from the heart - Have fun, make your boss' birthday special.

Add an extra touch to your gift on your boss' birthday by writing a genuine birthday wish for him/her. Put some thought into your gift as well - something your boss can use everyday so it can remind him how good you are!
Add an extra touch to your gift on your boss' birthday by writing a genuine birthday wish for him/her. Put some thought into your gift as well - something your boss can use everyday so it can remind him how good you are! | Source
  • You may be a monster at work but you're soft as a melon from the inside. Only the luckiest of us get to work with you. Keep up the good work boss. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

  • Why don't you take an off today while we manage your work? Only because today's your Birthday and we want you to have a fun filled day. Have a great Birthday and a joyous year ahead.

  • Being a great boss like you isn't an ordinary feat. The only advice I always give my kids is that they should grow up to become like you. You're the best boss. Keep being the best. Happy Birthday!

  • Have we ever told you what an annoying, bothersome, irritating and horrible taskmaster you are? Only because it's your Birthday today we will spare you from out hate. Today's the day when you transform into someone most loveable! Happy Birthday boss!

  • Not only do you make a difference to our lives on an everyday basis, you also influence others through your work. Here's wishing a great boss a great Birthday.

  • Have I ever told you that you need a vacation? Let me remind you that it's your Birthday today so it's a good chance for you to fly off and not harass your staff for the rest of the week! Happy Birthday Boss.

  • May the best boss of the world get the best of happiness, joy, peace and everything that life has to offer. You're the best. And you will get the best in life. Happy Birthday.

  • Today you can take a day off from bossing around on us. It's your Birthday and we're expecting to be treated for drinks at the pub downstairs. See you there! Happy Birthday!

  • Have you ever been bullied by anyone? If not, get ready to be bullied to pay for drinks and dinner for your entire office today. All because it's your Birthday. Have a great year ahead.

  • We all know that you're the person who makes bonuses, perks and happy times possible. What would we do if it weren't for you? We pray to God that you have a rocking Birthday and an extremely profitable year ahead!

  • You have always managed to dwarf us with your magnanimity, charm us with your personality and influence us with your positivity. Here's wishing our boss a great day and an even better year ahead.

  • It is bosses like you who make the world function smoothly every day. Cheers to you for being the best boss in the world. Happy Birthday!

  • Any amount of flowers, cakes, chocolates and gifts are going to fall short for your Birthday today. All of us want to shout out a Happy Birthday to you and wish that you be our Boss forever.

  • Have I seen any boss working tirelessly in the middle of the night only for the benefit of employees? Yes I have. And that's you. I wish such a generous and magnanimous boss a heartfelt Happy Birthday. More power to you.

  • Bosses like you are rare. You're tough yet understanding, strict yet passionate, straightforward yet empathetic and hardworking yet fun. On your Birthday today, we only wish that you stay like this forever. Happy Birthday!

Tip: The point of writing a personalized birthday wish for your boss is to give him/her something different from everyone else who is likely to give a printed card. If you want to be really creative, you could post your message or poem on a sticky note on your boss' desk and give your gift separately. It is your special way of appreciating his work and saying thank you for tolerating your idiosyncrasies throughout the year.


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    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 5 years ago from Russia

      Interesting:) There R fun and humourous messages among these birthday wishes. They will definitely make you stand out. However, can every boss stand this?