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Retirement wishes: Congratulatory messages and poems for a retirement card

Updated on April 7, 2013
Retirement marks the beginning of a new phase of life.
Retirement marks the beginning of a new phase of life. | Source

Wish someone a happy retirement with a touching poem or a congratulatory message written on a personalized retirement card. Whether it is a retiring colleague, boss, teacher, friend, dad or mom, send your congratulations for their retirement and appreciate their contribution in their jobs or business.

Retirement wishes: Poems and short rhymes for retirement card

Take ideas from these poems and write your own congratulatory message for a colleague, teacher or family member who is retiring. People work all their lives to wait for this special day. Help them celebrate their retirement with by writing a touching rhyme on a card. You can add a warm touch to your message by talking about a peculiar habit, contribution to work or that person's achievements made over the years.

1) Years of hard work and grit are behind you

Successful people with happy families, like you are few

Your retirement is your chance to rejoice

Because whatever you do henceforth will completely be your choice

Happy retirement

2) As you retire

And aim to fulfill your desires

To do what you like best

Along with taking ample rest

As you lose all your worry

And enjoy life's every luxury

Congratulations to you

Your retirement was long due

3) Don't be sad

On the day that you retire

Instead, be happy

That you will get to do all that you desire

Congratulations on your retirement

Now a party from you, we require

4) You can choose to go to sleep early

Or choose to sleep late

You can choose to spend the night out merrily

Or relax at home with a beer crate

You can choose to do anything you want really

Because your schedule, now you will dictate

I will miss you at work dearly

Congratulations on your retirement mate

5) As you say goodbye to the folks in your office

You will suddenly realize that they are the people you will miss

As you begin afresh life's new pages

To enjoy all your saved up wages

I congratulate you on retiring

May your life become more relaxing

6) I have so many things in mind

To write on your retirement card

You have been a person so kind

An employee, who always worked hard

I don't know if I will ever be able to find

Another colleague upon whom, my silly jokes I can bombard

Congratulations on your retirement

7) If you don't hear the alarm clock

Of pending bills, you forget to take stock

If you don't hear the doorbell

Consider that life's way to tell

That you have finally retired

From harboring worries, you have been fired


8) Your retirement is an end

To life's troubles and stress

Your retirement is a beginning

Of relaxation and happiness

Wish you a happy retirement

9) As your career comes to a wrap

I can picture you wearing a golf cap

And spending leisurely days at the course

Without worrying about a boss who has schedules to enforce

I can picture you driving your vintage ride

And smirking as the guys watch at your wheels, with eyes wide

Cherish these times, it is your moment to enjoy

You can do all the things that make you feel like a young boy

10) You will finally be able to enjoy

All the money that you have earned

And all the vacations

Which you had earlier spurned

Wishing you a happy retirement

11) If some of life's best business ideas

Come to you after you retire

It only proves, that in your belly

You still have a burning fire


12) Retiring

Is life's way of saying

That a good job you have been doing

For which you are worth rewarding


13) Be happy about your retirement

As you look back at all your accomplishments

Look forward to a life of contentment

Search for ways to add more excitement

To make your life replete with fulfillment


14) Treat your retirement as a start

To things that you have always wanted to do

I wish you straight from the heart

Congratulations for a life new

15) Don't plan for retirement

Just let it flow

It is the happiest time in your life

Just let it show

Happy retirement

16) Retirement means being in your pajamas all day

Waking up late in the morning and having you way

Retirement means doing whatever you want to do

I wish a fun filled retirement to you

17) Instead of chasing a deadline

Ready yourself to chase a life fine

Instead of chasing reminder sheets

Ready yourself to put up your feet

May your retirement bring out the best in you

I so envious, I want to retire too


18) At the resort's hammock under the sun, just lay

For your fancy cocktails, your previous salaries will pay

To celebrate, go all the way

Congratulations, as you retire today

19) You were always looking forward to retire

Tell me the truth, don't be a liar

It is not something to be guilty about

It is time to pick rules that you want to flout

Congratulations for retiring today

Your lifelong work is commendable, I must say

20) Too much planning

Can rob your life's enjoyment

Take it easy now

That you have finally taken up retirement


Retirement wishes: Messages for a card, email or speech

Retirement means everything to the person who is retiring. No one can relate to the emotions that they go through on the day of their retirement. Make sure that you are an integral part of this transitional point in their life by writing a message that encompasses their decades of work in one or two heart-touching lines. Peppy messages can also be included at the end of a congratulatory email or announcement in your office.

1) Retirement is all about saying goodbye to long work hours and a lot of stress. Retirement is also all about enjoying all your past years of success. Wishing you a happy retirement.

2) Think of your retirement as your first birthday because from this day onwards, you will get to do whatever you want without getting told off.

3) As you retire you have left behind a beautiful legacy, which will inspire the next generation to follow their destiny. Congratulations.

4) Gear up to experience a life without sticky notes, reminders, calls and meetings. Get ready to wake up late in the morning to be welcomed by your wife's lovely greetings. Congratulations on retiring.

5) In some people's life retirement comes early, in some people's life it comes late. But whenever it does come, it always feels like it was worth the wait. Congratulations.

6) Retirement is God's way to say, that you have had enough and it is time to call it a day. Congratulations on retiring.

7) I know you have been planning to do a lot of stuff after you retire. Now that you have retired, stop planning and start doing. Congratulations.

8) Let your retirement mark the end of doing things that you are told to, and the beginning of doing things that you want to. Congratulations on your retirement.

9) No more cursing on Mondays, no more anticipating Fridays, just a daily Sunday. Happy retirement.

10) Retirement is not the end of your life. It is the beginning of happy times that you will spend with your wife. Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement.

11) Retirement doesn't mean you are a senior citizen, it means that you are a citizen with seniority in all fields of life. Happy retirement.

12) Retiring is exactly like that feeling you get when you open a bottle of vintage wine that you have been saving all those years. Cheers to your retirement.

13) If all these years of hard work seemed cumbersome, your retirement seems like a sign of good things to come. Congratulations on your retirement.

14) To our dear colleague, we are all going to miss you tons and tons - along with your lame jokes, sarcasm and puns. Congratulations.

15) Retirement is not just the time to take care of grand kids, it is the time to make some of life's most adventurous bids. Happy retirement.

Retirement is the day when you finally stop working and start living.
Retirement is the day when you finally stop working and start living. | Source

16) Retirement may signal the end of your career, but it marks the beginning of the best period of your life. Congratulations on your retirement.

17) After working for so many years you deserve to rest, throw all your worries in a bin and enjoy life's best. Wish you a happy retirement.

18) As you retire with pride after saving lot of money, I am sure you will look forward to spending more time with your honey. Congratulations.

19) I wish you I could retire like you to just sit and stare, sip slowly on a coffee while I put my feet up in the air. Wish you a happy and relaxing retirement.

20) Retiring is a reason to welcome and celebrate, the best time of your life for which you had to wait. Congratulations.

21) We are going to miss everything about you, your infectious laughter and your homemade cakes too. Happy retirement.

22) Retirement is the best time to take your long pending holiday, book a one way ticket not knowing how long you will stay. Congratulations.

23) Treat your retirement as life's best celebration, and a never ending vacation. Happy retirement.

24) You will realize that you have retired when you don't feel guilty about for being in the shower for more than five minutes. Congratulations.

25) Your retirement is a pivotal point in your life when you stop working and start living.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks. You helped me a lot to know what I can write to people I know who are retiring. Now, I know just that much more about it thanks to you. :)

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      7 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      You have created a helpful list of thoughtful words for Retirement wishes


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