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Have You Back

Updated on August 5, 2016

Sam Smith- Stay With Me

Begging You...

Can I Have You Back

Sorry seems not enough let me restore you lost goddess

Begging you for all strong men telling you you have and got this

He calling you names if you're a Lady that ain't you

Say my Persian Queen wash you down in cool water's blue

Seems our disrespect, no love and neglect has taken its toll

Disgraced my Queens in songs, broken princess, life images told

Can I have you back? Times when respect and feelings stood high

Like when "I Need Love" came out and women were open yet still so shy

When we had to chase you and come at you "correct" she said

It seems times done change, you mirroring men just so easy getting you in the bed

Liked it better when you were mean but couldn't demean you girl

You were a mystery, some secret, Miss Around The Way girl

I just gotta be real..just really real

Let my Words replenish you I rightly become your Shield

As I block the World..Can I have you back? Life say Beautiful just not the same

Yes men, Yes men be messing up but you messing up to lets share the blame

Let me take you back...good women great women hurt/mad drives me crazy

I've been missing you...I choose you this black to beautiful, there's no secret misery

I'm falling victim cause I don't believe you want good men

Just a lust thing, short romance thing, unfaithful brother thing now and then

But can I have you back? Before I back off for good

Come back to me...believe in me like I do you and we'll be good

© 2012 WordNLipsAffair


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