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How do You Know if You've Met Your Soulmate?

Updated on October 6, 2014

The search for the 'love of your life' is something that every single person on this planet has contemplated, or will, at least once in their lifetime.Those of us who are not bold enough, read about it in Harlequin romance novels, and fantasize about meeting such a person in real life.

Seeking out that elusive Greek God or Goddess whose presence lurks within the deep recesses of our minds is to some, an obsession, while others consider it a passing fancy. Yet all of us, at one time or another, have given thought to the one with whom we will spend the rest of our lives, even if the decision results in a solitary existence.

True there such a thing? Is there really a person who exists outside of our minds who can fulfill our personal standards, requirements or conditions, and be skilled enough to 'scale the mountain' in order to storm the bastions of our heart?

A rhetorical question for some.

For others, such as myself, who perhaps view the world through slightly rose-tinted glasses, or whose souls have made this incredible journey through life more than once, the answer is a resounding 'Yes'!

Once you understand the fairy-tale image for what it is, you can open your mind (and heart) to the possibility that there is indeed, the perfect partner, or soul mate, out there for you.

But what constitutes a soul mate? The first thing everyone thinks of when asked this question is the physical appearance of the person we are looking for. While every-one's idea of physical perfection is different, it is widely accepted that the object of our desire should fit as closely as possible to our personal preferences.

This being said, when you finally meet the person of your dreams, you might be surprised to find they look nothing like what you had envisioned. Oh, my goodness, what happened there? Isn't my soul mate supposed to be everything I have imagined and more?

In a word, yes, your soul mate is everything you have dreamed of and more. This does not necessarily mean they will win the "Most Beautiful People Award". After all, we are talking about soul mates here, not eye candy!

And what your soul desires could be a far cry from what your head wants. So how can you tell if you have found your soul mate? Isn't there some criteria these things follow? Are you going to be left wondering for the rest of your life?

Well, if you are missing any of the following points, then it's possible you haven't found your true soul mate yet, although you might be perfectly happy with the person you are with. (Assuming you are already a couple...)

If you find yourself gazing at the person you have chosen and realize that absolutely nothing about their physical appearance jars in any way, their ears aren't too small, that hint of a bald spot doesn't send you screaming in the other direction, the way they walk doesn't make you feel like a zoo-keeper, or their profile, showing a beautiful roman nose sitting prominently over a rapidly receding chin doesn't inspire you to buy a gift certificate for a plastic surgeon, then you might possibly be looking at your soul mate.

When you realize this person inspires you to improve yourself, encourages you to reach for goals you previously thought beyond your capabilities, fosters a sense of self worth, or helps you to overcome obstacles so you can fulfil your expectations and not theirs, then you might be looking at your soul mate.

When you find comfort in their presence, not their absence, are treated with the respect that each one of us rightly deserves, have the freedom and safety to do your own thing without reprisal, and if they accept your gestures or overtures of affection with love and warmth instead of impatience or disdain, then you might be looking at your soul mate.

If all of these things stand the test of time, and five years down the road you still feel the same thrill when you see that special person walk into the room, if they still make you laugh, if you feel content, comfortable, loved, special and desired, and you know the feelings are reciprocated, then you can be pretty sure you have found your soul mate.

Something else that few people realize is the fact that there is more than one person out there who could qualify as your soul mate. Honest and for true...cross my heart and hope to's a fact. So don't let the thought of missing your 'one and only' stop you from experiencing the joys of being part of a just never know...

In arguably the best known, and most requested love song to ever hit the movies, Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers.


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