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Having Feelings For the Guy Who is Already Taken

Updated on November 11, 2013

It's great to be in love. What happens when you start to have feelings for a guy who already has a girlfriend?

Some guys who are in on and off relationships may play a girl they meet. They may meet a girl who is pretty, nice and single and tell her what she wants to hear. They will get her high hopes up and only disappointing her in the end by going back with their current girlfriend.

Guys do that for all different reasons. They have a fight with their girlfriend so they look elsewhere. They hang on to the girl they fight with because of the sex or they feel bad for her.

If you are in that situation don't fall for it. Yes the attention is not worth getting your heart broken over. Don't go by flirting back. You have the green light when he breaks off ties with her and is single. Until then focus on someone who puts you first.

It is not fun being the other women. You also wouldn't want that done to you. If he is doing this now what do you the two of you get together? This guy is a player and you deserve better than this.

If you are in this situation be careful. This is the one time to listen to your head instead of your heart.

Did you ever like a guy who had a girlfriend before?

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