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Having a boyfriend knock you

Updated on November 24, 2014

When two people love each other they accept each other for who they are. They love each other no matter what. They stick up for each other and are protective of each other. When a boyfriend starts to knock you that is a bad sign.

If you are dating someone and he tries to change you into someone you are not, get out of that relationship. You may think you love him and he is good for you but he is not good for you if he tries to change you. A good guy will not try to change his girlfriend.

If you like wearing make-up, listening to certain music or doing things you do you should not have to change. If you hate camping you should not have to all of a sudden love it because he does. You have your likes and he has his. When two people are in a relationship they should not have a say in the other person's hobbies.

If you are with a group of people and someone starts making fun of you the boyfriends role should be to stick up for you. He should not go along with people who are hurting you. He should get upset that people are hurting you. He should put a stop to it. A guy who goes along and hurts a girl or gets mad at his girlfriend for her likes is a bad boyfriend. He is not someone who loves her, he is trying to change her into a perfect girl and no one is perfect in life.

There is nothing wrong with a couple having different likes. There are some guys who love video games and they are dating girls who are outgoing. They still love each other and they still spend time together. They just have their own hobbies, which is an important part in a relationship.

You do not have to have everything in common with your significant other. You should be able to have your own lives and different hobbies. It is not healthy for couples to do every single thing together.

A guy who tries to change you into someone you are not is controlling. If his face gets red or he yells when you are just being yourself get out now. Go and find someone who will respect your desires and appreciate you. Your boyfriend does not love you if he cannot accept you.

If you are hurt and your boyfriend gets mad instead of being a shoulder to cry on that is another bad sign. In a relationship when you love someone you show compassion. You are there for the good and bad times. He should not get mad if you are upset over someone or something. Instead he should let you talk about it, cry and give you encouragement that everything is going to be alright.

If he meets another girl and forgets about you because he has things in common with that girl than he is not the guy for you. Yes it is nice to have things in common with someone but there is a saying that opposites attract. You should not have to change yourself in order to keep someone.

If his friends put you down he should tell them to leave you alone. He should get mad when other people hurt you. He should not go with them and do things to make you cry. He should not tell you everything that they say, when he knows it will hurt your feelings. Sometimes honesty is not always the best policy. Instead he should be by your side and love you the way you are.

If your boyfriend puts you down or constantly knocks you break up with him. There are guys in the world who are nice and will love you the way you are. If you spend time with someone who does not resect or appreciate you than you are missing out on true love.

The right guy is out there and you deserve nothing but the best so do not settle for someone who does not treat you right. Be yourself and eventually you will meet the guy of your dreams.


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