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He Married My Best Friend

Updated on March 22, 2015

Chapter One

Davy was my best friend
since I remember myself.

We grew up together, and
our lives were 'cloned'.

We went to play school,
then primary, and there
wasn't a day I didn't see
him, unless one of us was
sick or the weather prevented us from leaving our houses.

I woke up in the morning, got dressed, and walked to school with Davy. There were other kids around us, for we had lots of friends, but Davy and I were a unit.

When we went to Junior High and I became a 'girl' and he was a 'boy'. Our friendship waned, at least during school hours.

We didn't walk to school any more, there was the bus, and we rarely sat together.

During weekends we'd see each other, but there were people in between.

In my final year of Junior High I met Marjie, and she became my Best Friend. We got along fantastically and spent so much time together,

Davy was on the fringe and only got back into the centre when there was the Prom and he took me. It wasn't like a date, it was supposed to be.

For Davy and I would get married.

Since I know myself I had assumed Davy and I would marry.

High School

Davy and I returned to our closeness that summer before High School. Marjie joined us as did a few other kids so that it was rarely just me and Davy although it was often just me and Marjie.

As we reached Senior Year the three of us, Davy, Marjie and I were a team, and although there would be this one or that one in our group, they were transients.

Then came Easter. Easter of our Senior Year.

Davy was on the phone to me and I had been discussing the last night's episode of Deep Space 9 when he said; "You think Marjie will say yes if I ask her to go with me to the Prom?"

And me, the stupidest person on Earth; "The three of us?"

"No, I was thinking of taking Marjie...why you don't have someone to take you?"

I don't remember what I did after that, but the world stopped, my heart stopped and all I could think of was that I wasn't going to the Prom.

Davy was saying something, I don't know what exactly but the name Roger was mentioned, and then he began saying; "Julie?"

"I'm here..." I whispered.

"So you think she'll go with me, right?"

"I got to get off now.." I said, hung up and went to my room.

My mother must have known something happened, because she's probably psychic, and came in to find me crying my guts out.

I told her everything and she didn't even try to make those consoling noises, "You have to get a strategy."

At some point I realised that sun was going to come up tomorrow, I was going to have to go to school, I was going to have to see Davy and Marjie. I had to get to some island of safety so that she could still be my best friend, and I wouldn't become capital H hysterical when I saw Davy.

This was the first explosion of my life constructs.

(Continued Chapter 2)


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