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He Married My Best Friend - 3

Updated on February 13, 2015

Chapter 3

I had held it together.

From the day my beloved Davy
had me ask Marjie if she would
go with HIM to the Prom until
the Prom itself, I had been so
good, I almost fooled myself.

I had smiled and laughed
when we met, complaining
about my 'slave driver'.
mother who was forcing me
to study.

This was the explanation why I could not hang out with my friends, why our phone calls
were limited to five minutes. This is why....

I could use my Mother's regime as the excuse to avoid them.
And it worked.

Oh it worked!

My mother even set me up with a Prom date. We'dI been polite and friendly going out for
thirty minute 'dates' each Sunday between Easter and Prom as we walked to get the newspaper and back.

This was to give us a past, make us comfortable with each other, so I could carry off
my 'performance' at the Prom.

I thought it would be okay, I'd get through the Prom and things would go back to 'normal'.

I figured one Prom what?
So he picks her up instead of he dances more with her than me...
But when Davy asked Marjie to marry him, all I could do was die.

Die but keep, smiling, embracing and acting so happy.

Then I had my date take me out of there.

It is Called Hysteria

It wasn't until I reached my door and was inside that I ran upstairs to be insane in my room. My mother came in, already hearing the worst from my date.
She sat on my bed.

"Okay, you're going to have to be her Maid of Honour. You know that. You are going to have to help her plan her wedding. You are going..."

"I can't!!!"

"You can't, but you must."

For the next forever I screamed and cried and finally I knew that I had to, somehow, get through this. Somehow I would function. I would erase my future and create a new one.
A new one in which I wasn't going to be Mrs. David Pryce.

My life had been founded on the belief that I would marry Davy and we'd live in his house on the second floor. We'd have four children, and six dogs, and we'd go to the seashore every summer and rent a bungalow. We'd ....

So there goes my life.


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