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He Married My Best Friend - II

Updated on July 8, 2017

Chapter 2

The boy I loved was going to
ask my best friend to the Prom.

He had asked me to find out if
she would go with him.

How can I survive this?

I had been born in love with
Davy and Marjie was my Best Friend.

I couldn't hide in the bathroom or disappear. I had to act as if I wasn't ready
to throw myself in front of a bus.

And had to fool the two people who knew me best in the world.

That is, next to mother, who was the only person who knew and could help.

The Acting

When your heart is broken, you can't even remember how to walk. Everything
you do has to be practiced.

My fear was that i wouldn't fall to the pavement kicking my feet in the air like a capsized cockroach.

I had to go to school that morning pretending my heart wasn't shredded and
dripping acid on my belly

Davy, Davy who I loved so much I would have killed for him, and Marjie,
my very best friend, (who was totally innocent) were going to be THE couple
at the Prom.

And I, who had believed that of course I was going with Davy, now had a very
short time to find some kind of date, or else stay home.

As I reached the steps of the School, Davy came out of nowhere, pulled me aside,
asked if I had spoken to Marjie.

"I'll do it now..." I said with a hand flick.

My mother had rehearsed me. Explaining that when Davy approached it would
feel 'abrupt' so I had to practice how my line would be said, the expression on my face.

I walked to Marjie we greeted as best friends, and then after the usual:

"Davy wants to know if you'll go with him to the Prom."

"Oh sure..." she tossed, then turned back to her conversation.

I looked at Davy, who was thirty feet away, smiled and nodded.
He came flying over and asked her in front of me and everyone else.

I had this rictus on my face that really looked like a smile.

After the Water works

I didn't cry at school,
I didn't say a word "out of character" .

As part of our plan, my mother
picked me up at three.

She had devised this scam so
no one could rub salt in the wound.

She took me to the park, we sat on a bench, and I gave her every single
second of that horrible day from the moment Davy spoke until she arrived
to rescue me.

"Okay; we use study." Mom decides.
"You have to apply to University so have to do fantastically well so no activities
until after exams. So we have a few weeks. What I'll do is get you into some
private lessons or whatever, so every second of your time, including weekends
are full."

And she added with a firmness; "And You blame ME."

So, this is how I got through the next weeks.

I spoke to Marjie on the phone until my mother demanded I get off.
When I spoke to Davy, same thing.

"I can't talk, my Slave driver won't let me..."

And so I wouldn't miss my Prom my mother arranged for one of young guys at
her work place to take me.

"Just go, have a great time, and come home early...make it look like you and
Junior are sneaking away..."

My mother bought me the most beautiful dress, it could have been a rag.
She carried me to a stylist who worked miracles but could put a rats nest on my head.

I pretended I was happy, that I liked Junior, and fooled myself for quite sometime.

Even with Marjie and Davy spinning around me, talking to me, making a foursome,
I was really doing good, until Davy asked Marjie to marry him.


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