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Healing A Recently Broken Heart

Updated on January 29, 2014

It may have happened to you recently. You were with the person of your dreams. Everything was fantastic – you shared memories, experiences, and loved each other dearly…or maybe not. Your partner left you, and now you’re left with nothing but an incredibly painful broken heart. You may be wondering how you will ever get over them, if your heart will ever stop feeling sore, and if you’ll find somebody else one day who was just as good, if not better.

Firstly, listen when I say this – time Is a healer. It may not seem like it now, especially if you have very recently broken up with your ex-partner, but over the course of months and maybe even years, the memories will fade, as will the emotions, and the ability to move on will be given to you, and in due course, your broken heart will be healed. It may not be as good as new, but it will certainly be capable of loving just as much, if not much, much more. It does take time though, and there is no way around this, but just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is much else. It is guaranteed that if you give your heart time, and divulge in your interests and your own personal life, then you will eventually be able to heal your heart.

You may need to face your issues head on in the early stages. Examine exactly why you are hurting, and what made you think the person who broke your heart is so special for. It will most likely turn out that the person you yearn for is, in fact, nothing more than an average person you who invested emotions and time into, and if you fail to notice this, then just remember that they didn’t love you as much as you did them, because if they did they wouldn’t have left you with a broken heart.

Surround yourself with family and friends. Being social does make a major difference. They can make you laugh and cheer you up, and remind you that there are many other people out there. Who knows – most of them may have actually had a broken heart themselves! Being social, although sometimes extremely difficult, actually helps you to heal your broken heart much quicker than if you was to do it on your own, as people are social creatures by nature, and being able to talk about your worries, thoughts and troubles with someone who truly cares will make you realize that everything’s not lost.

Remember that at the end of the tunnel there is usually always light, and what may hurt terribly today will not hurt as much tomorrow. Things will get better, and you may just find someone who you love more than ever before.


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