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Healthy Marriage

Updated on November 28, 2012

Good understanding about marriage




In Africa, my own part of the world and because of our crude culture, most women are slaves to their own husband because of marriage; and in all their lives crying for liberty which is not realistic. Lately the revolution of the western culture in Africa came with blessings in disguise. We copied, instead of modifying our own, but we tend to forget our own which need some modifications. The resultant effect is the spread of divorce in our societies.

In the western world, they gave a lot of power and liberty to the women folks, and they took advantage of men because of their domineering nature, and marriage becomes more or less a contract, and this metamorphosed to divorce which has become the order of the day.

This has brought disunity and moral decadent to our society. And I asked, what is our nation doing about it? The challenge and the solution have been left in the hand of the private sectors. Thank God for many who have been building career out of it. Most times, our governments have look at it as issues that should be settled in the kitchens. Secondly, shall we say that, this is not a problem to our society? The morals of our society have degraded, because of the little foxes that spoil the vine; they have not been arrested in our marriages. For I still believe that the peace and unity our families is the peace and unity of our nations.

As a matter of fact, what do we do in our families to arrest this ugly trend? I believe in the family today, if the bossy attitude of the men is stream lined and the domineering attitude and nature of the women should be stream lined equally. Where each will advice him or herself, saying; we are here to complement each other, we are here for a common goal of the family not for selfish reasons and we are here to build to last, not having divorce as plan ‘B’ but pursue this with great commitment; I believe that our marriages will be on their way to victory.

Is important for men in the house to recognized that even though they are boss; that there is a boss they are accountable to, which is God. Men should be able to say I’m sorry when they are wrong. Men should make up their mind to love their wives and be satisfied by their love, shape and sizes. Men should learn to listen to their wives in most important decisions in the house, because they are more sensitive in spirit more than men. They need to know that they are not experimenting marriage rather they are building a generation.

In the same manner, it is important for the women to recognize that, though they have a domineering nature, they are not the boss of the house but a co builder in a democratic government where they need to win their husbands through love and submission and rule in the house. They should properly vow to uphold the unity and be committed in building a lasting relationship: leaving a legacy to their girls. Women should not quit over the face of little challenge, for Robert Schuller said “achiever never quit”.

For both parties, I will say that there is no lasting relationship without offenses or challenges but the truth of the matter is, let forgiveness and love be the bedrock of our marriages, for I know that everybody can forgive and love. Let there be a strong commitment in eliminating infidelity by simply loving that same figure that capture your heart from the beginning; that you even promise to love forever.

Finally, let our government take infidelity as a big offense for qualifying men for Governmental positions and in most jobs that require men of integrity. Let the government celebrate marriages that has passed the test of times by honoring them, for long lasting relationship award. Peace and harmony in our families, definitely means better productivity in our nation.


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