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What Would You Do If You Find Out That Your Mom Is Having An Affair With Your Husband?

Updated on January 24, 2017

Relationship Problems

Richard Madison was 35 year old Architect, and father of a boy and a beautiful daughter who are two years and six months old respectively. He’d been married to the love of his life for the last six years. He met her during his last year at the university. A year after he finished his youth service, he got engaged to Helen who was in her final year of Microbiology. They got married immediately she graduated.. Prior to all this, during the university years he was a playboy and a nightclub crawler. He partied as if there was no tomorrow and then dated the rich older women.

He called them “sweet mommies” simply because they spoiled him rotten. It was during this time he met Helen’s mom, Nancy, who is now his mother-in-law. He dated her in his 2nd and 3rd years with two other women simultaneously. She was the one that bought him a brand SUV; the other rented and paid for his flat, while the third was responsible for all of his upkeep. Going back and forth between the three of them, he was never short of cash to buy luxurious items. He traveled to England twice with Nancy and once to America. He enjoyed himself. He dated his mother-in-law for 2 good years.

He met his wife through a mutual friend, and they fell in love instantly. He knew then he had to stop his association with old rich women if he was going to have any future with Helen. At the time, he had everything a young man could dream of.

For what he was feeling for Helen, he decided to let go off all his sweet mommies, one after the other without any suspicion from any of them whatsoever. He explained to them that he needed to concentrate in his studies if he was to successfully graduate that year. He dated Helen steadily for six months, before he decided that it was time to meet her mother; her father was late. Her mother had businesses in Lagos State and Abuja. When Helen took him home to meet her mother and she was one of his previous sweet mommies, he literally turned white. She on the other hand was very calm and collected. She greeted him as if they were just meeting for the first time; she drew him closer to herself and gave him a hard hug.

He was shaking, his hands were wet, and he could feel perspiration dropping down into his shirt from the nape of his neck. She whispered into his ears saying, “Calm down!”

All the thoughts that were rising through his head during the split second of being held by his mother-in-law-to-be were too much. When she released him, Helen was looking at him with concerned and came closer to him to ask if he was alright.

“I’m fine,” he replied. “I think I’m coming down with malaria or something.”

She sat him down. He was able to recollect himself and his thoughts. His mother-in-law-to-be was all smiles. They stayed there for another hour before going back to Richard's house. Two hours after he got home, his phone rang; it was his mother-in-law-to-be.

“Good afternoon, madam. Thanks for the reception,” Richard said.

“We need to see and talk as soon as possible,” Nancy said.

“All right, ma,” he agreed.

“Cut out this ma nonsense. Address as Nancy, like you used to do,” she said angrily.

“But the situation has changed; you are now my mother-in-law-to-be.”

“That notwithstanding, still address me as Nancy. I prefer it that way.”

They made an arrangement to meet at a restaurant that they used to go to during their dating years, the next day.

He got to the restaurant about ten minutes before her, so he was able to think, calm himself, and get ready to fight for his love and relationship with Helen. Nancy came in and sat across from him. They greeted each another, and she offered to buy him a drink, but he refused, eager to get this discussion out of the way. She started by telling him how much she loved me, that what she had with him was magical. She said she loved him for his honesty, intelligence, and obviously, his masculinity.To cut the long story short, she knew he would be a perfect husband for someone one day. Fortunately, she was glad that her daughter as the lucky woman. She said she wouldn’t want anything less for her daughter.

Knowing the type of young man he was, aside from philandering in the past, she was willing to keep their past a secret. She wanted him to feel free and not think anything negative or fear that her daughter would find out about them.

“Thank you ma; sorry Nancy, for your understanding. I’ll be on my way.”

They both went their separate ways. He and Helen got engaged. Before the engagement, he was afraid that the cat might be let out of the bag, but thankfully nothing happened. They went ahead with the wedding. His mother-in-law spent money like there was no tomorrow. She wouldn’t allow Richard’s parents to do anything. He just kept thanking his star and God.

One year after they were happily married, their first child, Eric arrived joyously. Their second child, Selena came two days after Eric’s second birthday. One afternoon, three months after Selena’s birth, his wife got a phone call from her mother, after talking for about two minutes his wife said, “Ok, I’ll inform him.”

He looked at her trying to figure out who she was talking to.

“Sweetheart, my mom said that there was something she will like to discuss with you.”

Hearing this, his heart missed a bit. “Ok! When does she want to see me?”

“She said you should come to her office tomorrow by 2 p.m.”

“I’ll be there,” he agreed.

That night he couldn’t sleep. He counted the hours, minutes, and seconds until 2 p.m. the following day. When he arrived at her office, she welcomed him in enthusiastically as usual. She offered him a seat, and he sat down, of course, waiting to hear why he’d been sent for. Within few minutes of siting down, his life turned upside down.

“I want you to listen to me attentively. I’ll want our relationship to continue as before. I’ve dated several young men after we separated, but I’ve found out that you are the only man I loved and still love. I can’t think of any other man but you since we met again,” Nancy said.

As she was talking, Richard sat down dumbfounded; his mind went blank. After she said all she had to say, he just kept shaking his head. “You are asking for the impossible. It is morally, ethically, emotionally wrong. I can’t go on with our relationship, it is impossible.”

“There is nothing impossible in this life. It is all about determination. We will be meeting at a secret place where no one knows us,” she explained.

“No, I can’t be unfaithful to my wife, especially with her own mother,” he refused.

Before he left her office, she tried to kiss him, she was able to pin him to the wall, after much resistance, she let go of him.” I love my wife; I do not want my marriage to be destroyed by cheating on her.” Richard said bluntly.

After three months of persistent pressure, Richard succumbed. But he still love his wife dearly. His greatest fear is what his wife will do if she finds out about their betrayal. What will you do if you were Helen?


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