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Helping Abused Women

Updated on October 6, 2010

Finding out that a woman is being abused by her husband or partner can have severe emotional impacts on just about anyone. If I found out that someone I knew was  being abused I would definitely say something. I would tell her that she needs to leave him. I also think that it goes deeper than that. I would also depend on how well I knew her. I’m not saying I wouldn’t get involved, but it’s a well known fact that many abused women do not want someone interfering in their lives because most of those women are in denial of what is happening to them or are ashamed of what is happening to them. What I would do is gather information on women’s shelters and hotlines and counseling services and maybe casually slip them to her without her knowing. Maybe slipping them into her locker at work or leaving the information in the break rooms at work. Let her know that someone cares.

Women’s shelters are a great way for women to seek help and counseling. It also provides a place for them to stay especially if some women find themselves without anything. Some women end up in marriages were they lose complete power wherein they have no money, no savings, no access to anything because their husbands have total control over them. Shelters provide women who want help and are afraid to ask for it any other way possible resolutions.

Abuse and love do not and will never go hand in hand. Men hit their wives and girlfriends and then apologize and say they love them and “ You know I love you”, or, “I hate myself for doing this to you.  Or they turn it on them and say “ You know how I get when you make me mad.” These lames excuses are often so powerful that the victims end up believing it.

People often think that women who stay in abusive relationships are stupid and I feel that that is far from the real reason. Many times, women are psychologically destroyed by the men in their lives. Their emotional stances and thought processes are eliminated by their spouses. They start to feel there is no way out, furthermore, I think Stockholm’s syndrome plays a major role in the real reason why women stay with their abusers.


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