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Hilarious, Weird and not so Funny Dating adventures! Part 1: Runaway FireFighter

Updated on September 22, 2016
kmartel profile image

K.D. Martel is a writer, published author and artist working from her studio in the province of Québec, Canada.

I will be writing a compilation of dating experiences that I have had and some from my friends. Today, looking back, they make me laugh and wonder why I (and my friends for that fact) went through all that stuff. However, I guess you have to kiss many frogs to get a prince!

Runaway FireFighter

Over a year ago, I met this handsome man in his late thirties on an internet-dating site. He contacted me, wanting to get to know me better. I said to myself, why not, I had nothing to lose and he was very good looking (from the photos). He invited me out to dinner and seemed anxious to meet me. I accepted and we gave a rendezvous point at a local coffee shop where we agreed to have a cup of Java before heading off to dinner.

I drove to the coffee shop and went inside. I was a few moments early, so I took a table facing the door and waited for him to show up. He did, about 10 minutes later, walking through the door. I was slightly surprised that he seemed to be a bit older than the photograph he had on his site. True, the picture was taken from a distance, but that was okay. He sat down and we ordered hot chocolates. He seemed to be a bit off, I could not put my finger on it, but he was not very talkative. I was doing all the talking and running out of subjects to talk about. He was chatty on the internet, but not in front of me.

I finally asked him if he wanted to go have dinner, and he said yes. We left in our vehicles and I followed him since I did not know where the restaurant was. While I was following him, I saw him talking on his cell phone from the moment we left until we drove into the restaurant’s parking. Putting away his cell, he got out of his car and joined me next to mine. He told me that he had a call from the firehouse and had to leave immediately asking me for a rain check. I said, OK (what could I say, he was a firefighter). I left for the 1 hour ride back home since he had told me that he couldn’t meet me in my home town because he had to stick near the firehouse in case (he was on call that evening). I felt disappointed, but whatever. But, I had a strange feeling that he had been dishonest with me, and even stronger feeling that he had brushed me off to be with someone else because all the time I had been following him in the traffic and waiting at the lights; I could see him very well in his rear view mirror as he was talking on the phone and believe me, it was no firehouse call!

I never heard from him again, so I figured he just wasn’t that into me! Lol!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I already reedrocd the video response for this ^^ But I can't post it, the web page always freezes. I'm guessing this is just a temporary problem so I'll try again tomorow but still, if anyone knows a way I can still post it today, please, help me

    • kmartel profile imageAUTHOR

      K D Martel 

      9 years ago from Quebec, CANADA

      lol! That is so funny Suzanne!

    • justmesuzanne profile image


      9 years ago from Texas

      Dating Sucks! The last time I ventured into getting involved with someone, he brought an album full of pictures of his ex-girlfriend to show me on the second date! Years ago, I would've put up with this sort of horse-s...! However, I just asked him, point blank, "Why are you showing me pictures of this woman?" He apologized and put them away. I only saw him a time or two more. He was too hung up on this woman who had left him 2 years ago, to be interested in anything in the present.

      Never again! When I am out with a man now, I am usually thinking, "I could be at home spending time with my cat!" So that's what I do!

    • mayhmong profile image


      9 years ago from North Carolina

      People can be so bold online but yet in person, its a different reality I guess. I'm sorry that it didn't work out for ya. We both know that you deserved better than that!

    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 

      9 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      great writing and an interesting hub. thks


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