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Hilarious Marriages In India

Updated on February 25, 2016

Mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh



India is a merging place of different culture and varied heritage. There are many different types of ceremonies are taking place changing from palace to place, state to state, family to family. One important ceremony that plays a major role and gains a vast attraction towards itself is “Marriage”. Marriage always gains its mutual first respect in India. When you call off the name marriage in India, the first thing you will experience is “Amusing”. And here I quoted two different types of amusing marriage ceremonies in India

Himachal marriage

Lahole and Spithi

Lahole and Spithi were mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh include many villages within it. Here different type of marriage ceremony takes place. Lahole looks great and greenish as it is the merciful gift of the nature. It has beautiful canyons and waterfalls which explains the architecture of Mother Nature. While Spithi is totally inversely different in nature, here the mountain range is fully covered with snow. The sun visits this place sometimes like a naadodigal and rain shows showers one day in a year. People melt the snow into water even for drinking and other purpose. Though many changes took place in human lifestyle and in civilization, no changes has been took place in the lifestyle of the people’s living here. They are still following their own culture and heritage in marriage ceremonies.

Marriage image


First preference

In an actual marriage ceremonies the Bride and Groom plays an important role, but according to their culture the sister of the Groom plays the vital role in the ceremony, that mean first preference is given to Groom’s sister. The brother’s sister visits the bride’s house with the entire village people instead of Groom. She would likely to take an object of the Groom as an identity such as a ring or grains harvested by them. After verifying the identity showed by the groom’s sister, she is guaranteed and then only she is taken by the village peoples to the bride’s house. She walks through the village with her family and relatives to the bride house which is a wonderful view on this snow desert.

Groom sister plays a major role in his brother’s marriage. After visiting the bride’s house, she looks the bride for his brother. After the Groom’s sister guarantee’s that the bride is the right match for her brother in front of the entire village and then only the marriage will happen between bride and the groom. If Groom’s sister neglect the bride there will be no marriage and have to start over again.

Dance in Marriage ceremony


There many different types of people living together in Spithi. Some people lives here accepts Kandarva marriage an ancient style of marriage but you can still see some barbaric methods in this marriage ceremony which was followed by our ancestors. On giant ground village people gather altogether here and they do know they were gathering for the marriage ceremony. The bride and the Grooms watch each other and they exchange their thoughts and voices through signs and eyes. When both Groom and Bride like each other then the Groom would lift the bride and ran away from there to his house. The bride will be put down only at the Grooms house. After the bride came to their house, the Groom’s family members gather together and walk to the bride’s house to talk about marriage ceremony. They don’t calculate good or bad timings as well as Jathagas. When they go to bride family to ask for the marriage, they take different kinds of ornaments and marriage dowry. The important thing they carry with them is wine produced by their own family rules. They give the Wine to bride’s family and only if the bride’s father drinks the wine. It is recorded as their acceptance for the marriage else if he didn’t open the wine bottle, then the there will be no marriage.

If bride’s father didn’t drink the wine, then at the very same day the bride will be taken back to her house. And also they will bring back every things they taken with them to bride’s house. But, this is not the end this is just another beginning. The groom again walks to the bride’s house with his family and ask again in the same way. No one will carry the bride once if she was taken by a Groom. If that happens that will leads to clash. Likewise, if the bride is taken by someone that she didn’t like then the bride’s life is over. She can’t marry anyone she likes. If the bride is taken by the one she didn’t like and the bride returns to their house without any interest of living with him. Then, she or her family could not make an easy marriage arrangement with the one the bride liked. The bride’s family has to first compromise with the Groom’s family, after then only they can choose another Groom.

“Barony” is the name given to this marriage ceremony. There are many different type of hilarious marriage ceremony like this in Indian.

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