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How To Make Sure Your Guests NEVER Forget Your Wedding

Updated on February 7, 2014

Use a wedding planner! Here are the top tips for hiring one and making sure your days goes exceptionally well!

A wedding planner must have good fashion sense

A wedding planner is a person who assists with the planning and organization of weddings. People are often willing to spend a lot of money to ensure that their big day is organized perfectly.

A wedding planner should have plenty of knowledge about flowers, music, color, and related knowledge of all the various customs, traditions and religious imperatives.

A wedding planner’s job entails interviewing the couple and parents to fully understand their requirements, preparing the guest list, assisting and preparing legal documents, choosing venues, hiring the caterers, photographers, and florists and preparing the budget.

Many planners also run their own blogs to provide online services, inspiration and creativity. Wedding planners have quite a busy life but their services are very important in every bride-to-be’s life.

The role of a wedding planner is that of a money manager, artisan, facilitator and mediator. A planner must have good fashion sense with an eye for detail and have a good knowledge of all wedding related customs and traditions, as well as a having an understanding about flowers, music, color etc .

A wedding planner is very important as they do all your planning and all you have to do is say exactly what you want. This gives you ample time to prepare other things and to supervise other duties.

It also saves you the hassle of running up and down leaving you fresh for your wedding day. The only secret is to discuss all the important issues with your planner making sure that you do not leave even the slightest thing out. Ensure that they listen to you and also that you listen to their advice.

Finding the ideal wedding planner should be a priority for any bride; the more professional the planner is, the more magical the big day will be.

A wedding is the most important event in any bride-to-be’s life.

For brides who do not have a lot of time to spare, small weddings become the easy option. Big, extravagant weddings are becoming less popular these days and more brides are opting for a smaller number of guests on their big ‘small’ day.

What constitutes a ‘small’ wedding varies for different people. For some, ‘small’ means fewer guests are invited while for others it refers to the bridal party. Small weddings differ from the usual weddings but that means that you may be able to do some special things that other couples cannot do.

Traditionally weddings are big events that involve the couple’s entire group of family and friends, so the idea of a small wedding may initially draw some strong reactions. Some may be in support of your decision if they themselves have had a small wedding or maybe from those who have gone through hell trying to plan their big weddings and admire your wisdom.

There might be some negative reactions but do not worry, small weddings are not very common so they only resist because they do not know what to expect.

When considering a venue for your wedding, the standard answer would be a church ceremony, followed by a hall reception, but this does not necessarily have to be the case as the settings may be too large for your small gathering and you’d look and feel lost in such a large venue. You may also discover that most commercial reception venues will not agree to host receptions with less than 200 guests!

When opting for a small wedding count yourself lucky because you have some unique options that the average bride doesn’t have. Small weddings have successfully been carried off in restaurants, gardens, and on trains and boats. You could also make your wedding venue a special part of a mini-vacation for you and your guests.

A small wedding carries with it the advantage of personalizing the event and making every guest feel more like a participant than an outsider. At the reception the bride and groom can prepare a slideshow of photos of each of them from childhood, adolescence and up till meeting each other. Include photos of you with your families and other special people.

Renting or borrowing the equipment (projector and screen) is possible, and then show the slides either with background music or some clever narration.

A small wedding is therefore cost efficient, personal, easy to plan, unique and with it you have everything a big wedding has, only with more time to spend with the ones that matter to you the most.

Communicate any information and details in a very simple way.

It is a few days to the wedding day! The gown is ready and you can’t wait to put it on. The mouth -watering cake and the venue are also ready. Wait, there is one thing missing; the wedding program.

The wedding program shows the order of ceremony from when the bride leaves her parents’ house to the evening party. This program should reflect your own personalities and the wedding details. Make the guest feel welcome and communicate any information and details in a very simple way. This may include the date and time of the ceremony, the venue, order of service, hymns, special performances, order of service and the introduction of the bridal party.


1. Color

Discuss with your spouse and agree on the best color to use. This may be determined by the wedding theme.

2. Decorations

The program does not need to be expensive. You can decorate it yourself by using a little creativity. Add ribbons, use art work and make all who see it gasp.

3. Paper

Use a strong but light material; it should not be heavy. The paper should be long lasting since you want to save some to show your children and grandchildren in the future.

4. Texture

Test the look, and feel it with your hands; make it comfortable to touch.

5. Graphics

Add wedding graphics to make it more personalized. You can do this by embossing, using a photo of both of you or maybe a drawing of a memorable place you visited together.

6. Pages

Aunt Marion may not have time to flip through a hundred pages, so make it as simple as possible to fit onto two to three pages. Reserve the back page to thank your bridal party, parents and guests for being part of your special day. Make it as personal as you can and let them feel your heartfelt gratitude.

Compiling the guest list is also very important

Wedding invitations are a very important part of the wedding ceremony.

It is the hosts, normally the bride’s parents who organize the invitations. This is usually done with the help of the grooms parents.

The invitations are sent after all the wedding arrangements have been finalized. This is to avoid any inconvenience in case something else comes up. The best time to send them is about two to three months before the wedding day to give the invitees ample time to prepare themselves.

Compiling the guest list is also very important and should be done with a lot of care and caution to avoid any embarrassment. This should be done by the whole wedding party, to ensure that everyone is happy.

Things to consider when deciding the size of the guest list should include the cost, the time of year, the reception venue and the distance of the arranged venue. However, you should try to ensure that both the families and friends of each couple have an equal opportunity to attend.

The wedding invitations should reflect the style of the wedding. A formal invitation indicates a formal wedding, but a hand written invitation will suffice for small informal weddings.

Consider different wedding invitation templates, as the template and wording is very important because it reflects the seriousness of the occasion. The invitation must include details of the host, the couple, the relationship of the bride to the hosts, the venue, the time and date, and finally the return address to reply to.

In conclusion, the main point to bear in mind is that wedding invitations will reflect on what the main ceremony will be like and therefore should be done with a lot of care.

How times change!

Just as dress styles and eating styles have changed over the years, more drastic changes have been seen on the internet. From finding a partner to ordering a pizza, the internet has really changed the world.

No modern couple can resist the urge to use a website for their wedding preparations.

It’s easier and faster to choose all the items that you would like for your special day from the internet, from the wedding dress, photographer, shoes, wedding cake, and the venue to mention just a few. The best thing and the biggest advantage of using the internet is the time and money you can save.

You can easily compare different prices and products, and explore many different possibilities for your dream wedding. But remember to keep your budget in mind at all times.

You can even decide to make your own wedding website. This can be effectively used for wedding invitations, giving directions and shopping.

Make sure to include:

·Personal domain name

·Photo uploads


·Date, time


·Special arrangements


Some of the advantages include;

·Saves money e.g. on materials

·Saves time selecting and sending invitations

·Include links to maps and directions

·Receive responses via email

·Guests can get details easier than having to call

·Easier to follow up

·Answering queries about the wedding from friends is easier

Some of the disadvantages are;

·Compiling the guests current email addresses can be a hard task

·Not everyone is online

·Lacks that personal touch

At the end of the day, communication remains the key factor. People need to understand the information given.

It’s time to set sail on the sea of matrimony.

You want to have the best wedding ever. Start by asking yourself what style and mood you both want. Wedding themes offer a fun, affordable way to personalize your day.

Some of the favorite’ themes include;

Destination theme wedding

Head for the west, east, Hawaiian luau, Key Largo bliss or to Africa for your wedding. This is a theme for those who want an escape wedding.

Disney wedding theme

Do you want to have fun with a happy fairy tale ending? Then this is the theme for you. Incorporate Disney characters e.g. Mickey and Minnie, Lady and the Tramp, etc. or be inspired by the Disney theme park!!!

Decorative wedding theme

Are you in love with flowers, candles, ribbons, balloons and colors? This is the most enticing theme. Go for the candlelit retreat, nautical splendor, country charm, garden grace, balloons galore or the classic contemporary. This can be done with lots of fun making your wedding much more of a family day.

Festival theme

There is magic and wonder in the air. Its festival time! Your heart is filled with the warmth the seasons brings. It’s a perfect time for your wedding.

Traditional wedding theme

Are you one of those people who value traditions? This theme incorporates all traditional aspects. This includes a dress code, food, order of events and color. You can choose from English, African, Italian or Indian. You could also mix two of them for the satisfaction of all parties.

Gothic wedding themes

This is a theme that entirely goes against the traditional wedding. It’s for people who are not afraid to penetrate into subjects such as dark magic, mysticism and the darker side of life.

Whichever theme you choose, just make sure that it fits your budget and style. Keep in mind your guests too and make them feel comfortable with your choice.


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