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His Body Language If He Likes You: Pay Special Attention to These

Updated on January 24, 2011

Hey girls!

Today we are going to talk about his body language and what you should pay attention to if you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you. Body language is usually really subconscious, so if you are having trouble finding out if he likes you verbally, these signs might give himself away – because it’s kind of uncontrollable.

So, here are the things that you should pay attention to:

Smiles – A smile will not fade away quickly if the person is genuinely interested in you, only fake smiles do so… But, put smiling aside, I mean it is important generally, but let me tell you specifically what you should look for. Have you ever had a moment when you were in the middle of a conversation looking at each other, not knowing what to say, and then just smiling? Not the nervous kind of “I don’t know what to say, I don’t wanna look stupid SO I WILL SMILE” , no, not that one. I’m looking for a genuine, two way smile, when the world seems to kind of stop, where it’s just you and him, eye to eye, with your brains shut down.. If you have experienced this with your guy… Believe me, he wants you. Really

Pupils dilate – I didn’t want to write “pupil dilation” here, I think it would just sound plain stupid and scientific kind of. So scientists have proven this already, your pupils dilate when you see somebody you like! That’s an easy one, but you have to catch it. It happens in the beginning of the conversation usually, or after a compliment per se… So try to catch that when you bump into him next time.

Blushing? – I mean, this is quite obvious but what do I mean more specifically? Try giving him a compliment – if he turns reddish and doesn’t know what to say – that’s his body saying “WOW… That was awesome… wow I really liked that ”

Mirroring – I can almost hear some of you asking yourself “WHaaat??” hang on. Let me explain. Scientists call this subconscious behavior “mirroring” because people tend to copy the body language of the person they are interested in – fact. So what are we looking for? Well if you cross your legs, and he does the same – he’s in. Another example, try this sneaky trick out – next time you are talking to him, look at your watch,count to three, and wait. If he does it as well – there you go. Mirroring can also be used purposefully, to create rapport and connection (but in this situation you copy your “target’s” body language & moves deliberately… but anyway, I’m digressing)

Body position – This should be number one on my list really… If he faces you while you are talking, or he turns himself compleeeetely when you start talking to him – that obviously means something. If he didn’t like you, he would probably just turn his head, not offer himself completely to you in a way, by turning his torso to you.

Touching, hugging – If he touches you while you talk, teasingly punches you in the arm, wants to be close to you… That’s the thing, do I reeaaally need to explain this. Just common sense right? Well, pay attention to it next time

So there it is, you are one step closer to telling if the guy likes you. Also have in mind that a lot of people say that 70% of our communication is nonverbal, so final words from me today would be : do not rely on verbal things – look for small hints like these.

All the best,


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