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Holiday Weddings 101: Marriage Themes Based on Holidays

Updated on April 30, 2015
Holiday Wedding Theme
Holiday Wedding Theme | Source

Holiday weddings are becoming super popular. So, if you are having your wedding on or near a holiday, why not design your décor around the traditions of that holiday? Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many more are great choices for wedding themes. Below is some basic information and tips to help you plan your holiday-themed wedding.

Heart-themed Wedding

Valentine's Day Wedding Theme
Valentine's Day Wedding Theme | Source

Valentine’s Day Wedding

This romantic holiday is perfect for any wedding. Since chocolate, roses, vibrant reds, and shades of pinks are the typical elements of this day, try to use them in your wedding. However, even it is important that you don’t overdo it. For example, decorating everything with hearts and cupids may be a little much and end up looking gaudy. You want to use subtle touches.

Some great ideas are to use a chocolate fountain for desert, offer small bags of chocolates for desert, or a snack (your guests will love it). Carry roses down the aisle in your bouquet. If you can afford all roses, try and incorporate a few. Red or pink bridesmaids dresses are a given, but again, keep it subtle.

Santa-themed Wedding

Christmas Wedding Theme
Christmas Wedding Theme | Source

Christmas Wedding

Christmas is known for its beautiful decorations and time spent with family and friends. This type of wedding is where you can go a bit over the top with the décor. There are typical things that people love to uses in a Christmas wedding, such as Christmas trees, mistletoe, tinsel, fake snow, snowflakes, etc. You can get really creative in the Christmas theme with touches of a winter wonderland look.

The red, green, gold, and silver of Christmas look beautiful in any wedding hall. You can set up a few Christmas trees and decorate them for your reception. You may even want to wrap your wedding favors in small boxes and put them under the tree for guests to pick up when they leave! There are really so many ways to go with a Christmas marriage, so get creative!

Gothic-themed Wedding

Halloween Wedding Theme
Halloween Wedding Theme | Source

Halloween Wedding

Halloween is always a fun holiday with the excitement of trick or trick or treating, costumes, and parties. This makes it an ideal holiday for a themed wedding. You can have your guests dress up in costumes and use some really funky decorations to adorn the day. The bride’s wedding gown can even reflect the holiday, as black gowns have become rather popular.

Orange and black are the colors that people associate with Halloween. Some people may think they are not great colors to decorate with but when used correctly they can look great! As with a Valentines wedding, you don’t want to overdo it. For example, having carved pumpkins at your reception tables is one thing but having bats, zombies, and grave stones at the altar is another.

Offering bags of candies or having a candy bar where the guests can trick-or-treat is a fun idea that everyone will love. Don’t forget to incorporate lots of lighting if it is an evening wedding. Orange and purple twinkle lights will really set the mood and just scream Halloween!

Shamrock-themed Wedding

St. Patrick's Day Wedding Theme
St. Patrick's Day Wedding Theme | Source

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding

This festive holiday is known for its outrageous parties and fun décor. You can always have green bridesmaid dresses and shamrock decorations, but that is not all you have to work with. Try some Irish food and make sure the bar offers some hearty Irish beers for your guests. Also, try using greenery in your bridal bouquet. And if you still love the shamrock idea, think about shamrock-shaped favors and have pots of chocolate coins wrapped in some shiny gold foil for that end of the rainbow feel. If you want to have a more serious feel, Celtic symbols are beautiful and represent love.

A St. Patrick’s Day theme is a great idea, but you really want to be careful not to overdo it. Nobody wants their guests to drink in excess, so make sure that is relayed in the feel of the day.

Hat-themed Wedding

Easter Wedding Theme
Easter Wedding Theme | Source

Easter Wedding

Easter is a lovely holiday to celebrate in a church, especially if you are a religious couple. Having your wedding near Easter may hold special meaning. Plus, the multitude of spring décor is a huge plus. Easter is well known for its pastel colors, chocolate bunnies, and died eggs. Why not use some of these as centerpieces or even favors for your guests?

Bridesmaids or even the bride’s wedding gown should be off white or pastel colors to bring home the feel of the day. Another fun idea is to make it a “hat” wedding. Many ladies break out their best spring hats for Easter, and would love another chance to use them!

Red-, White- & Blue-themed Wedding

Independence Day Wedding Theme
Independence Day Wedding Theme | Source

Independence Day Wedding

Independence Day has plenty of options for an awesome themed wedding. Not only does the red, white, and blue theme fit a very patriotic couple, but you can incorporate fireworks or even simple sparklers into the reception. If it is in your budget, how great would it be to have a firework show at the end of the night? Also, this holiday is known for its picnics and barbeques, so think about having your wedding entirely outside in a casual fashion.

You might want to think about having red, white, and blue flowers or use lace in the same colors to tie your all white bouquet. Red picnic cloths on the tables would also be a nice touch. Even the bride can incorporate red into her wedding ensemble. Red wedding dresses are not unheard of and red dress sashes could be just the thing!

The key to this holiday and other holiday weddings, is to keep the décor moderate. It is after all your wedding day, which is what you are celebrating, not the actual holiday.

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The obvious holiday wedding themes are of course Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween, but don't be so quick to discount the other major holidays. There are plenty of them from which to choose and they can be just as fun, not to mention they are something different. We hope you enjoyed our list of holiday wedding tips and basic information on holiday-themed weddings.


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