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Holiday shopping - Top gift ideas for Men

Updated on November 22, 2010
Holiday gifts for men
Holiday gifts for men | Source

The top holiday gifts for Men

Do you have one of those picky guys in your life or do you find it hard to buy a gift for your man? Holidays don't have to be tough with a few of the top gift items for even the man who has everything.

  1. Video games - seriously unless you have a totatlly metrosexual boyfriend or spouse, he will like a video game. You can be creative. Call of Duty is totally hot right now or he maybe into a vintage game. Ms. Pacman or Space Invaders or even an original Nintendo. Now you can see why video games are a great idea.
  2. Weekend getaway - What! Too expensive you say. No way. It can be as simple as a local college football game and night in a hot tub room to a weekend at a bed and breakfast. If you have more money a jaunt to Vegas or a simple coupon for a boys night out will be sure to please even the pickiest men.
  3. Clothing - get wild here. Buy him a whole outfit or pick some cute t-shirt with a fun saying on it. The sky is the limit.
  4. Gag Gifts - Men love funny things. But a warning, you should try to pair a funny gift with something they will really appreciate. So a bacon wallet and a sweatshirt work better than the wallet alone.
  5. Tickets - events, concerts, sports are all great ticket ideas and a little something special. You can add a cd with concert tickets or sweatshirt with sports tickets.

These are just a few fun ideas. Be creative expand on your ideas and your man will be suprised and excited at the holidays this year.


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