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Homophobic : Balkan or just Serbs? Gay rights and Belgrade "Day like Baghdad battle"!

Updated on June 10, 2012

Sent picture

The picture of Belgrade, the capital of one European country like Serbia, being in flame - like Baghdad during war, is something "normal", while "Pride Parade" of G.L.B.T population is on-going. Boutiques robbed, broken glass windows of expensive "fancy" clothing shops, "McDonald's" in flame... that is the picture of Belgrade during "Gey Parade" in 2010. That kind of picture, of modern Serbia, has been sent to world wide TV stations like CNN, BBC, etc... People have used to see "war on streets", in cities where "pride parade" is marching! This is not just Belgrade's, it has been showed in Zagreb,Skopje....And many other ex-Yugoslav republics. So is it just an issue of Serbia,or whole ex-Yugoslavia (Balkan).

Usual picture of Belgrade streets during "Pride March" in Serbia.
Usual picture of Belgrade streets during "Pride March" in Serbia.
This happens when you try to organize something that 60% of nation is NOT approving.Why to force it?
This happens when you try to organize something that 60% of nation is NOT approving.Why to force it?

Measures taken...

In 2010, G.L.B.T population have held their parade of "pride", and it has ended catastrophic! Whole country, that day, was on flame... Riots, gangs, football hooligans, every scum was on the street that day - to show that gey population, along with others, "is not welcome in Serbia". Novi Sad, Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac ...those are the biggest cities that were in flame, not to mention the smaller ones. Few HUNDRED of fully armed police squad members were injured, and some of them ... killed , during the "pride" parade. Beside them, hooligans and other riots , who are also made of flush and blood. Now the real question comes...Is, the organization of this kind of "high risk" marches, is "O.K" or the decision of Minister Dacic (Minister of Police) THIS YEAR - to FORBID the gathering of G.L.B.T population is wise and right ?


If You would in charge, would you held the "Pride March" trough the Belgrade?

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Do we want this ? AGAIN ,AGAIN AND AGAIN ?
Do we want this ? AGAIN ,AGAIN AND AGAIN ?

What's "the right" decision ?!

If you take in mind, that few HUNDRED (if not THOUSAND) people were either injured or killed - than, is it marching worth of it?

There are numerous statements of high representatives of Serbia's Government, and of course EU Councils representatives - that this kind of decision, this year, to make "Pride Parade" - FORBIDDEN is illegitimate due the guaranteed "human rights" by the constitute of Serbia.
I would say:" Yes, maybe. BUT: I've saved hundreds of broken heads,arms,legs - filling the jails of under 18 persons...not to mention, that I've SURELY saved at least someones LIFE!". That IS the fact. Nothing else, and no one has a right to take someones life. With the approval of "Pride March", streets of Belgrade, Novi Sad, and many others, would be robbed again. Policeman's injured, lying in hospital ... Some of G.L.B.T population members beaten, some of them beaten to death or at least with severe head injuries... And those kind of things. So, is this kind of decision, is really taking the "human rights" or it is actually PROTECTING those who KNOW that, that kind of meeting,march or whatever would cause numerous negative reactions - life threating reactions.

Eastern Europe, or Serbia?

So , my or general, the question is: is this issue just about Serbia, or Eastern Europe in general is ... homophobic ? And why it is like that? There is a lot of propaganda, in media, that put promotes G.L.B.T population as any other population - normal. I am not sure, why people of Serbia or any other, just don't "ACT" like any other? I mean, I've heard that for example in Germany,Austria,Sweden,Norway,Spain ... the "Pride Parade" is something normal, and that same sex, holding for hands and walking around is every-day thing. Is it like that, or western counties nations are suppressing their real feelings because of high penalty fees that are related to discrimination of any sexual orientation issue ???
From MY ANGLE: everyone should be, what they ACTUALLY are. BUT, in second thought... I've put myself in next position: I have a wife, and a kid. The kid is 9 years old, so he/she is not formed yet as a person, as with that - he isn't supposed to be the subject of sexual propaganda of any sexual orientation. So, he is coming back from school (for instance), and he/she sees that two guys or two girls are holding their hands, kissing each-others...and things like that. And kid, as a kid, thinks: " Hmmm, maybe I would like to kiss my friend that is same gender? Maybe that's cool ? " - and there it is! Do you see the problem ?? He is unformed as person, and he is very exposed to the influence of any kind of propaganda. So, my thinking is, because of youth, that hasn't formed yet as a person, that those kind of people - G.L.B.T population , should do whatever they want to IN THEIR garden,house, or that kind of clubs - but doing that "stuff" in front of children or/and anyone who hasn't discovered YET their sexuality...I think that "Pride Parade" is an threat to youngest, and the big propaganda and media coverage of those kind of events is something that we, as society, should protect our CHILDREN. Don't You think the same ?


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      I appreciate what You say, and what You want to say.

      But, again - there is but.

      You just can not tell me that one, in-formatted mind. What can one 5-7 years old boy or girl know when it see two MAN kissing and holding for hand? THERE IS A POSSIBILITY, ADMIT IT, that by the "model of learning" (the easiest model of learning, if You know sociology or psychiatry) that THERE IS A POSSIBILITY TO RE-DO THE THING THAT HE/SHE SAW.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      I appreciate your concern, but it is only a concern if that is what you want it to be.

      I'm sorry, but I feel that you have missed my point. :) You CANNOT format anyone's mind into or out of homosexuality. Almost ALL kids that grow up to be gay have straight parents, have grown up with and around straight friends, and have been exposed to heterosexual display of affection throughout their why would they be gay if the society's acceptable norm of being straight has been so prevelant? I doubt very much that anyone would choose to live a life of constant discrimination, to be estranged from their family and be an outcast from society. So I think they've done a good job in Serbia and the balkans in isolating the 'faggot' invasion.

      Anyway, give your kid some credit, kids are smart. I just hope you raise an open-minded individual.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      @hello and hi

      - I surely wouldn't like my child to go to school, everyday, watching how "it is normal" for two boys to kiss, and maybe try it out with his friends. THEY ARE KIDS! Unformatted mind, and thoughts of KIDS - being, at this situation, under the influence of what they saw - potentially goes to "formation" of mind, in a different way than he or she would normally go.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow.. so now the right winged ultra-nationalists instill the fear of 'gays' taking over your country just like every other war you were duped into. Don't you realise they are inventing an enemy that doesn't exist? These are your people, your children. Wake up and think for yourselves. This type of homophobic witch-hunt is laughable in the western world, rioters are just hooligans who want to use any polarised opinion to misbehave. No amount of same-sex hand holding will ever turn your kid gay. If that is one of your biggest fears then I pity you, you have no influence in what your kid's sexuality will be as an adult.

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      7 years ago from Space Coast

      You got me there. I was just pointing out that my position is not that popular among those who are working hard to popularize homosexuality. According to your essay, you have some misgivings about having your children exposed to the overt actions of the "cause", and that would put you in the role of an ignorant man according to the proponents in question.

      Around here, it is live and let live. Do what you you want. I don't need to know your bedroom business, please, keep it out of my face. Marching in the streets is just a way to get the juices flowing. Legislation takes time, patience, and reason.

      As far as violence against homosexuals . . . no way! Ignore them, if they bother you.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      @WD Curry 111:

      My question to You, repectively, is: Why to "run while the snake is focused on me"? Don't You think that it would be better if they CAN parade, but can NOT do it broadcast over TV or YouTube... Some kind of International Law for Homosexuals should be implemented in a meaning of previous sentence. So no media coverage for those kind of events, but private recording of weddings.

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      8 years ago from Space Coast

      Brother, in Florida we would say you just "stepped on the snake's head". You can either keep your foot down, or try and run. Sooner or later, you have to lift that foot. It is a precarious position, but if you keep your wits about you you can avoid a fatal bite.

      I have always wondered why it is so important for some people to publicly display their sexual preferences . . . no matter what they are. It is an intimate, personal, spiritual expression between souls. If you don't know that, you are immature, irresponsible and undeserving of the experience. You have it all wrong. Overt display of public affection is cheap and tacky, regardless.

      I say homosexuality is contrary to nature. According to this new authority, that makes me homophobic. I fear homosexuals or homosexuality? Not quite. That is a false assumption and puts the label-er in the role of an ignorant bigot. My book says that I am not to judge since I am probably guilty of even more sin. Well, I know my sin, so I just love without exception. I keep my mouth shut about the issue. I believe everybody should. Before the Lord, I can raise my children, and I don't need any help from uninvited strangers.

      Quick, run while the snake is focused on me!

    • poeticmentor profile image

      Asahda Shavaja Poet of the New Age 

      8 years ago from New York City

      First, your child is more likely to see this type of behavior on a video game or television show, commercials etc.. I do agree that media should not show certain images to young children, yet to compare LGBT community to this is homophobia. I am not for people getting hurt or killed, yet many are fighting for something they truly believe is their freedom. If you take people's freedoms, which is God given right, they may as well die. To reason that children will be influenced by seeing is not fair because children will decide later in life if they are gay, you cannot just be "made" gay. Gay people know they are gay. A child only knows human beings, it is us as parents who do the influencing and the protecting and being judgmental and they follow you. Then if you child does discover he may be gay someday, they will resent you because you show no tolerance for who they ARE. Being gay is not a choice as some believe and it is not all sexual, this is a misconception among the masses. this is why they cannot march freely for who they are in peace. This is sad. I hope they can find some way to resolve this. Blessings. Great Hub


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