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Honeymoon Destinations USA

Updated on August 31, 2009

Features in a Honeymoon Destination

The features most couples are looking for are:

1} A place that offers privacy and seclusion.

2) Beautiful, natural scenery.

3) Places to sightsee

4) Shopping

Determine how much money you can spend. Three factors determine the cost of a honeymoon 1. How much will it cost to get there? 2. How long will we stay? 3. What style of accommodations do we want?

Do you like to travel, or do you like familiar surroundings? Do you have any physical limitations?

You can find available sources for research in the travel pages of bridal magazines, local bookstores and libraries, Chambers of Commerce, travel videos about places under consideration.

After narrowing the choices down to one or two, it's time to consult an independent travel agent. The agent can provide all the relevant facts and details about the destination.

Here are two of my favorite places to travel that I think would be ideal for a honeymoon.

Summer Honeymoons

If you like to canoe, kayak, swim, or fish, the Adirondacks in Summer are for you! There are over 3,000 lakes and ponds and over 1,500 miles of rivers and streams in the region.There are golf courses, nature hiking trails and river rafting.

Lake George - Adirondacks, NY

Mirror Lake - Adirondacks in Fall

In the fall, upstate NY is the most beautiful place to see the brilliant autumn foilage. Horseback riding, hot air baloons or just about anything you could think of in terms of recreation is here.

Adirondacks in Winter

If you prefer winter backpacking, skiing, snowmobiles, it's all here. If you like to be inside in the Winter, Day Spas and lodges abound. There is ice hockey, ice skating and ice fishing.

If you prefer beaches, Clearwater Beach, FL is beautiful

This is Pier 60 where everyone goes to watch the sunset - beautiful!

Local artisans and crafters are all selling their wares and you can pick up a shell necklace or listen to live music and watch street performers every night. There are good restaurants (My favorite on the beach is the Laguna Grill or Frenchys. They both have delicious seafood.)

Rent a catamaran and go for a sunset cruise on the Gulf of Mexico

Clearwater Beach is romantic................

adventurous, charming and dreamy. I have lived in this area for over 20 years and love it.

These are 2 of the most beautiful locations in the US for a honeymoon.


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    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 8 years ago from Texas

      Beautiful images and great suggestions for a honeymoon!