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Hope is the Name I Give to Us

Updated on January 12, 2013


Hope is the sunlight

as it streams between panes of glass

as I glance out...looking for you.

Hope is the soft leaf

as it falls from the tree

wanting to bury itself in the comfort found below.

Hope is a smile

genuine and surprised

reciprocated instantly without provocation.

Hope is your hand

gliding in mine

while your eyes lock onto mine.

Hope is a kiss

delicate and warm

that seals two lives together, once again.

Hope is my heart

putting together the pieces

that have shattered and scattered in pain.

Hope is love

Nearby or not

that continues to provide shelter from the rages outside.

Hope is the feeling

when I lay down beside you

that I will never awaken without you by my side.

Hope is the dream

the basis, the foundation

to build upon my own strength, wishes and goals.

Hope is hearing your voice in my head

feeling your presence when you're absent

covered by your love

when we are apart.


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