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What's A Hot Place To Take A Woman On A First Date?

Updated on July 14, 2011

My Number One Recommended First Date Meet-Up Place

When it comes to first dates, there's only one place in my rulebook to go for.

Take a guess.

It's where you'll find baristas armed with beaming smiles (or is it just Starbucks?) and where you can smell the waft of roasted beans.

It also happens to be a place where most university students cram and study for their exams.

Yes, I know gave the answer away already.

But if you really didn't get it, it's the Coffee Shop.

Coffee shops in my most honest opinion and years of experience in dating are probably the safest bets.

3 Excellent Reasons Why Coffee Dates Are Hot

Let's break it down.

1. Women consider it a "safe and secure" place to meet guys on first dates. Most women nowadays love coffee too, so you've somewhat prompted her to say "Yes".

2. It's perfect for housing conversations, and your words definitely won't be drowned out by surrounding noises.

3. It's budget friendly. You will not send your wallet frowning.

Question Of The Moment

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