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Hotcitas - 8 Reasons why Internet Dating is Better

Updated on August 10, 2016

To look for love in the Internet is much better

Online dating has lost much of its stigma, lots of people now say is a good way to meet people online. Some studies reveals that about 20 percent of mariages, are couples who met on online dating platforms.

  1. When you are searching for love on the internet your search goes beyond local places like gyms, parties, work places, and so on.

  2. A previous selection of the profiles of each person is done with the personality tests, so it is easier for you to find people with the same interests as you.

  3. You can meet people from your home. You don’t have to spend time finding the place where you are going, choosing the clothes you will wear…

  4. The appearance is not the first impression anymore. We all were not born with fantastic bodies and perfect dimensions. But on the internet, it is different, the first impression about you is not your physique, it is your personality and charm.

  5. There is more time to connect. Sometimes you need some time until you know a person and you start having confidence with him/her. Thanks to the internet, you have more time to chat before going on a date, so your confidence is higher when the day comes.

  6. 24 hours, 7 days a week. On the internet you can invest time looking for your love whenever you want.

  7. The people you are contacting and chatting with are actually looking for a partner, too. That’s a major advantage.

  8. Last, but not least: In this moment there is somebody like you who is actually looking for you, so… what are you waiting for?? :)

Great, but… how do I start looking for love in Internet?

We are not going to lie to you. If you are looking for a partner online, you must go to the reliable dating sites. Uploading your picture and giving your phone number to hundreds of unknown sites will not lead you to anything more than a waste of time and an exposure of your data to malicious people. Like in most things of life, you have to go where things are done well, where you have a guarantee that the information you enter will be protected and where they offer you more guarantees to find the right person because they provide you with the appropriate tools.

At the end of the day, if you are going to spend time looking for love online, it is better to do it right, isn’t it? In Citas Online we have prepared a comprehensive list of dating sites that really work. Not all them are equal and there will be ones that will suit you better, so we recommend you try several and especially the most important ones, which are:

  • Meetic: It is the website with more Spanish users: 3 million. Among its users it is difficult, if not impossible, that you do not find a special person for you.

  • Be2: It is becoming one of the sensations of the moment and its number of registered users has not stopped growing. Its success is due to its famous personality test, based on scientific methods.

  • eDarling: It is a new service based on scientific methods that guarantees a selection of partners more reliable. The number of users is also growing very fast lately.

  • Parship: It was one of the pioneers in this business and they had a lot of experience. Besides, they have a very high percentage of success.

  • Friendscout24: They have more than 10 million registered users in Europe. They are professional, serious, and they offer the maximum security.

  • Hotcitas: A new dating platform with revolutionary features. I have heard quite many online dating success stories from people using their service.

Is Online dating the way?


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