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Hot topic for Google Adsense

Updated on October 9, 2008

adsense high interest topics, love-sex

Can there be anything more interesting in life than love, romance, and how people get together to form a family unit? At least part of every day is dedicated to bringing soap opera drama via television to millions of devoted watchers, female and male. And anyone who is aware of present trends in culture may not ignore the major trends away from the definition of a traditional family.

Magazines devoted to young women dominate the news and supermarket stand sales space. Whole sections about love and romance fill library shelves. It is a huge market, with a very high readership. Male readership is high for topics that answer questions about attracting a mate. the Gay market is represented in a big way in book stores, not to mention the vast amount of literature devoted to the subject.

Those who are investing or are invested in these new definitions of family have a wide open door to opportunity to attract new readership. It is an interesting subject and crosses over many cultural institutions, such as school, church, and standing societal norms.

What the writer knows is that many traditional institutions are crumbling around societies feet. Some organizations need to be defended simply because it is in a social context of rules and definitions that children grow and are impressed with how to successful negotiate with a partner in life. Most young persons willl one day hook up with a partner, often with the notion of staying with that partner for life. Many who walk away from a divorce are heard to comment: where is the manual on keeping it together? The vow is for life.

Why not more information on how to get and keep a mate? The information at puberty is already transferred to the body of both male and female. Attracting others is accomplished by simply using what nature has provided to attract a desired mate. Even before then, there is practice at getting needs met through manipulating good looks to get what is desired. Does it work? Of course it works, just the way nature intended.

Sex sells is the mantra in all advertising. It is what it is, whether we agree or not. The challenge then, for those who do not wish to sell sex blatantly,is to exercise caution and restraint in what and how it is presented. There is a thin line between what is desirable and what turns people off, particularly in mass markets such as Google and Yahoo provide. Their genius is in knowing where the line is and staying within the boundaries of good taste.

Whether a partner is younger or older, loss of trust is a relationship destroyer that is the most difficult for another partner to overcome. Partners may negotiate whether they will stay together but infidelity is difficult to forget and may rise again to contaminate more recent troubles. These could end more peaceably without the bad memory and when they continue to appear the relationship usually will end, especially if the partners are younger. The offended partner may not wish to take a chance on a cheater and throw away their youth on a "loser."


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