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Single Life: How-To Be A Good Roommate

Updated on March 16, 2013


You don't want to dump your things in the middle of the living room and go off somewhere. You need to put luggage and boxes in your room right when you walk in the house with them..The first thing to consider when you're out there living the single life and you're the new roommate, as I have found out, is to make sure you move in the right way. Take into consideration that you don't want to rock the boat even a little bit. So when moving your stuff in make sure you don't have too many loud and wild types helping you. Try and move in while the others are out of the house so that you can get the things in your room at least before they get back. That way they don't have to trip over your stuff and you don't seem to be making such an intrusion despite the fact that you are.

Even before you bring your things in you might want to get some treats for the dogs, and order a pizza or two and some soft drinks for your helpers and those who already live in the house. And, big hint: Clean up after yourself and your friends from the start. No one hates it more than your roommates when you leave a mess around.

Look in the frig and around the kitchen and see what types of items the people in the household use most of the time. Then go to the store and stock up on those items. Even buy things to put in the frig that you don't even eat or drink. Put them in there for everyone else. Trust me, this will go over big.

When it comes to the kitchen and other shared rooms, you have to be aware of when other people usually use them. Try and do your cooking in the morning for the rest of the day, and do your laundry at night when no one else is in the laundry room. Be flexible. Always be thinking of the others and how you're fitting in.

When it comes to getting along with the people you live with it's best if you have some things in common like poker on Saturday night, or sleeping late after a night of wild and crazy behavior.
Another way you can keep out of the way is to find a place to park where you don't block anyone from getting out in the morning. Discuss this with the household members and come up with something you can do with your car.

If it snows, shovel the walk. If leaves are scattered about, rake them. If the beds need to be tended to, do it. Clean the place up. Plant flowers or scrubs. Sweep up. Paint. Whatever needs to be done. If you follow these basic ideas you will be the roommate from heaven.

If you're moving into a room that once was the office, the workout room, or a closet you may want to consider letting people have access to the items left in the room like a computer, an exercise bike, or stored items. Sooner or later living the single life will get easier. Eventually you'll get a chance to move the things around the house to give yourself more privacy providing your roommates agree with the idea.


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