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Housewives Have a New Twist

Updated on December 25, 2011

Desperate, Atlanta, Basketball or Jersey Style

I used to be a housewife. My life as a housewife was not by choice, I became unemployed. It was my first marriage and I did not have any children at the time. I was in my early twenties, when my husband and I was living together, and decided to make it official. My routine for the day was built around my husband's schedule. My husband worked rotating shifts that changed every two weeks. For example, if my husband worked the night shift, I would drive him to work and pick him up. I did this in order to keep the car for doing errands or socializing with my girlfriends.

I would get my household chores done, I even engaged in watching soap operas. My interest in soap operas soon fizzled away. I began to horn my cooking skills, so I would watch the cooking shows and collect cookbooks. I really became very good at it. I was so good I gained a hundred pounds.

I wonder how would I have survived as a housewife now that I am older and divorced. If I were one of the Desperate Housewives, my life would be similar to the mother with the twins. I always wanted children. The only problem in our marriage is my husband staying home, while I went to work. I could not deal with that. No sir, no Mr. Mom for this lady. It would only take one time for me to come home to a dirty house and find him sitting on the sofa, watching his favorite soap opera. Instead of being on Desperate Housewives, I would be the number one suspect on that show called "Snapped".

I could play one of the Atlanta Housewives. I would not be a model, singer, talk-show host or lawyer. I would be a novelist. I would be the Jackie Collins or Jacqueline Susann of Atlanta. I would be married to a business man. I would have at least two children or more. My best friend would be the singer. I have to say, she definitely has it going on. I can identify with her, because my mother is a lot like her mother. Our mothers say what is on their minds, and stick by it. Right now, Candi, I believe is her name, she is on tour. I would probably be on tour with her, taking notes on what it is like to be a singer on the road. Everyone in the click would see me as a peacemaker, but not a flunky. I will be able to getting along with everyone. They would know I like to go out, but I am not the wild one. I would be considered open but at the same time my nickname would likely be "square". They would confide in me as much as they do Phaedra's male friend.

I could also become one of the Basketball Wives. This group of ladies exist in a world of their own. I would not be living with my basketball mate. My guy and I would be married from the start. I definitely would have my own life, and our lifestyle would have to evolve around the both of us. I may be wrong, but the ladies spend more time partying than anything. It is hard to take their lifestyle seriously. I commend Shaqille O'Neal's ex-wife for producing a television series, but I hope that she will replace Kenny Anderson's ex-wife. Ms. Anderson really needs some lesson in etiquette. The other two ladies, the shoe store owner and the young lady who may be but hopefully will not be divorce, should review the etiquette book too. Ms. Neal's first thought was to not invite them to a particular affair, and she should have made it perfectly clear that they were not invited.

My next door neighbor introduced me to the Jersey Housewives' series. I started watching this series first, after one of the wives got her hair pulled out by the other wife's teenage daughter. That was really embarrassing, and the daughter was wrong to get involved. My life as a Jersey Housewives would be similar to the wife who has two sons and a business man as a husband. I think she is the most classiest one of all. I enjoyed the show "Millionaire Matchmaker", I believe, her sons were trying to find a mate. I see myself being best friends with her. My family would socialize with her family most of the time. The other housewives on the show are ok, except for the lady who had her hair pulled out. I feel she is very self-centered, its all about her.

I have to say, the Housewives reality shows are realistic and entertaining. Whenever I watch these shows, I find something that identifies with everyday life. I feel the people on the shows go through the same changes that your average person does, just with a different twist.

Which housewives series do you like the best?

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    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 7 years ago

      I have never been a housewife, but I know lots of people who would fit in quite nicely in any of those shows. Fun hub!