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How To Survive Cheating In Marriage- Staying Together

Updated on January 28, 2013

Marriage And Infidelity

Infidelity is on the rise in the marriages today. Cheating In the Marriage is how so many contract HIV from their cheating spouse. The consequences of having unprotected sex can be fatal and getting caught cheating can destroy your family, devastate you financially and the odds of your children turning to drugs and not enjoying a good relationship goes up.

Who is worth doing that to yourself and your family? Marriage is a commitment, it goes beyond you having to have thrills every night like a twenty year old. Once you decide to make a family you committed yourself to share in the struggles and stresses as well as the happiness.

Once cheating happens in a household it has to be dealt with because of the marriage. Your marriage is not a piece of garbage to throw away. Counseling is nothing to be ashamed of. The cheating party must know that they put the family and your health in jeopardy and know that they have to work at being forgiven to move on. In a marriage there will be so much forgiving and stresses. Without forgiveness many marriages will have ended in divorce already.

Suspect Your Spouse Of Infidelity?

If you see signs of cheating you will have to get tested and stop having sex until after you know you are safe.

Never ignore the signs and put yourself at greater risk. Talk to your spouse and let them know that you don't feel safe and don't understand why they feel they have to jeopardize their family instead of working through your issues together. Every person has free will and are not out of control animals. Seek counseling.

Why Do People Cheat In Marriage?

This is a hard issue but real issue. I suggest that you don't make marriage about a business agreement. Yes, some marriages are made just because of surprise pregnancies or financial agreements and when you meet someone you really vibe with you step out of the relationship.

Unsatisfied. When you marry for the wrong reasons you tend to search for what you've been missing. You will find what ever you need in your cheat mate.

As for as the people that cheat that have wonderful loving spouses. Why? You put so much at risk and threaten the very trust and safety you have as a family.

Your spouse is the same person that allow you to have that very attractive confidence that others find appealing.Have you ever been attractive to a needy person? No, that is not sexy. But a confident married person is attractive and should give the credit where it is due in the household.

The Lures Of Cheating

But seriously I know that there is peer pressure at jobs especially away conferences and work positions. I'm sure the people that are looking out for you are telling you this is normal and you deserve some fun away from home. And boy the fun was available and waiting!

You have to determine what type of man or woman you are before it's too late to look at yourself in the mirror. After public embarrassment and family humiliation you will find it was not worth it after it was over. But the harm to your wallet, family and lifestyle can be devastating.

Save Your Marriage and Survive Infidelity

Couples help each other cope. If one is falling short you step in and help. When one is taking less care of themselves, make sure they get more personal time. If you need more help get counselling.

  • counseling
  • commitment
  • forgiveness

Couples Work It Out and Make It Work! To use a time when your spouse is not giving you the attention you feel you deserve to step out instead of working out the problem together is despicable. The risk alone can be a death sentence.

Just look at what happens to these star that ruin their reputation and end up on sex offender list. Not to mention the possibilities of bring back a std to your spouse.

In Conclusion

We will always see some sexy hot or sensual human being but just like enjoying the beautiful flowers you don't have to go around picking them! Cheating Can Destroy Your Marriage and Life! The confidence you once had will have to be earned again. Confidence and security is a gift that takes longer than any degree to earn. Cheat In Marriage and you cheat yourself and family out of a wonderful life. You have to start over in order to rebuild the trust in your relationship.Sometimes the most devastating family breakups are foundations for becoming the strongest relationships after reuniting and forgiveness.

In the case of divorce take your time to rebuild your life and relationship. Trust is important before and after a marriage where children are involved. As parents both people are responsible for saving the emotions of their children. Children must still fill loved and the surviving spouse must rebuild self esteem. It is no reflection on a left spouse for the weakness of the cheating spouse.

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