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How Couples Meet

Updated on September 17, 2013

Saying Hello

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Is it always right to agonize over how to meet?


Couples meet through activities that coincide. School, work, church, bars, and parties are examples. Vacations and personal ads may be hit-or-miss ventures but online dating now works great for many people. Introductions through mutual friends are ideal, although it’s not all that important to analyze how people meet because every relationship is different. A blind date might work out, or love could arrive when people are in new surroundings. Those who go about their business not looking for anything in particular sometimes find romance by accident. But so can those who seek it actively. No rhyme or reason exists when people are taken by surprise. They meet on Twitter, or when visiting someone in the hospital, shopping for pet supplies, going outside to watch a fire truck, sitting in a lucky seat on an airplane, or having an unexpected fender-bender. Some suddenly marry friends who previously were just a friend. It’s quirky because there still are arranged marriages, weird introductions through ex-mothers-in-law, and stories about calls to wrong numbers that end up in romance. So many couples meet in bizarre ways that are far from the typical that it’s hard to say how couples in general normally meet, but the issue continues to be a topic of conversation that few can pass up. (For more information see

Those people who are lonely will read an article about meeting someone and falling in love, thinking that if they study the article enough that they will find a solution to their loneliness. However, it's best just to go about one's business and keep the fingers crossed until something comes along that will contain the right ingredients for romance. If it doesn't there's still the truth of the saying that good things happen to those who wait, or the other saying that something that does not ever happen might be a blessing in disguise. It's not always the best solution to finding happiness to fall in love. The course of true love, as Shakespeare said, never ran smooth.

Love at First Sight


Blind Dates

Most of the time a friend will arrange a blind date for someone hoping the couple will hit it off or even fall in love. This can result in a lasting relationship and is one of the most common ways of meeting a long-term partner. The third-party friend probably will continue to be a mutual friend of both parties to the relationship because he or she will feel a sense of satisfaction for accomplishing something that takes a lot of courage and planning to arrange. That friend who brings the couple together is responsible for match-making.

It's been found by critics everywhere that the original blind date between the two parties to the couple should be a short as possible, perhaps with a maximum extending only to the time it takes to see a movie together. This is because of the unavoidable stress involved when two people who never have met before are suddenly thrown into a situation that could result in a profound relationship or even marriage.

Online dating is almost like the traditional blind date except that when it's online, the couple themselves usually make their own introductions and plans for where and when to meet.

A blind date is a little like a job interview in that it takes some advance research and planning to get to know as much about the other person as possible in preparation for the meeting. This will allow the couple to know where the strengths of common bonding might exist and also where the rough spots of discord exist, so as to avoid arguments.

Also, it's good that the setting of the blind date be around other people and out in public as much as possible. This will add to the stimulation, especially helpful should things start to become dull. Also, it will give the couple a chance to relax more and not be pressured into making conversation while each is still a stranger to the other.

Another term for a blind date is a "fix up" because some third party or intermediary communication through media has to exist before the couple can meet. Picking two people who might hit it off together is a very difficult task, usually a job for a professional match maker or someone with a knack for psychology.

Many TV shows and movies involve blind dating because it's so interesting for the average viewer, and touches on such an important facet of life for everyone, being the love relationship that can lead to happiness or sadness depending on the luck one has with Cupid's arrow.

Although blind dating may be considered the exception to the rule in some cultures, it's actually accepted as the normal way to meet someone, especially in some Asian countries such as Korea and China.

For additional reading and advice on blind dating see Molloy, Angela. "5 Rules for Great Blind Dates". TheStreet. Retrieved 19 November 2012.

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