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How Do I Get Him to Notice Me?

Updated on May 10, 2010

You Notice Him..but does he even know you are Alive?? If you are trying to get a guy to notice you..First you got to catch that mans Eye! and Please Girls Do not be Shy! Easier said than done..I know! You don't have to be the sexiest or most scantly dressed girl in the club to get him to look your way either...that's probably Not the kind of attention you want anyways..So, Whether your trying to catch the eye of that hot guy across the bar..or get the attention of the sexy single man in your office..Here are some Valuable tips to help you snag the Attention of that man you're Eyeing...Hook, Line and Sink him!

Smile Keep a smile on your face! Not a forced don't want to look like you're trying to poop..But, if you are in his line of veiw, Think some happy thoughts and flash those pearly whites!

Laugh Laughter is Contagious..and people are attracted to Happy enjoy the people who are around you..Not only will people Like being around you, but laughter makes you Feel Amazing and is a huge stress reliever.

Be Confident You are a Sexy Lady!! and you need to own it! You are Unique..there is no one else out there that is like you! So, be Yourself and If you Know and Feel you are beautiful.. that is how others will percieve you.

Eye Contact When you Walk by the man you are trying to snag..make eye contact..Don't stare the guy down..but, if you hold his eyes for more than a couple of seconds..Smile and say Hi, Hey, or Hello there!

Be Positive Always be Positive..Attitude is Everything! and No one likes a negative Nancy...So, if you do get a chance to chat it up with this guy..Remember, you Are making a first, make it a Good One!

Flirt Tell him that you Like his shirt..or that he has the Most Beautiful Blue eyes...Maybe he has a tatoo or a peircing that you think is Hot..Just find something that you like about him or his appearance..It Will be Obvious to the guy that you have Noticed him.

Remember-You have Nothing to Lose!! and if you don't Try, it's never gonna Happen..So, Go For it!!


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    • suny51 profile image

      suny51 7 years ago

      abbeyleighc its so similar as it was 35 years before.thanks for reminding me, i dint do a thing wrong.