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How Do I Pick Up That Waitress?

Updated on September 5, 2013

A pretty and friendly girl that’s a waitress (or works in any other service-oriented job where plenty of hungry guys can feast their eyes upon her) is bound to get hit upon all the time. Some guys will try to get her digits on the first meeting, other guys will repeatedly visit her hoping to get a nibble. Some guys will succeed and some will fail. Those with technique (natural or learned) will often succeed, and those without… will definitely not succeed. Don’t be one of those losers!

The first piece of advice here is to treat that waitress like a real human being during your visit. Look her in the eye when she’s serving your table, smile, say please and thank-you – these simple things go a long way towards getting her to notice and like you (not to mention getting good service!). Look at her and smile even when you’re just walking to the bathroom. Listen for her name when she tells it to you or look at her nametag and refer to her by her name – not many customers do that and it’ll make you stand out. Don’t whisper about her to your buddies and give each other high-fives. Don’t.

On the first visit, you’ll want to make an odd request – something that will make sure she definitely remembers you. It has to be an odd request that is repeated at each of your visits thereafter, of course, so that each time you make the request, she’ll instantly recognize you. Think of something creative, or maybe you can just order black coffee like I always do. Drinking your coffee black makes you a real man and it’s not done by too many others out there.


- Look her in the eye when you talk to her – she’s a real human, too

- Say “please” and “thank-you”, for nothing is more sexy than manners

- Smile at her, even though it’s her job to smile at you

- Address her by her name… everyone likes to be called their name

- Leave a generous tip

- Tell her to take her time, no rush (if she looks flustered)

- Become a regular and friendly customer

- Take your dear old mom to dine there; girls love guys who love their mom


- Stare at her cleavage like a dog staring at a steak sandwich

- Chat about her with your friends and then laugh or give high-fives

- Ignore her when she approaches your table

- Rush her or make constant and annoying requests

- Take a girl to dine with you… it’ll look like it’s your girlfriend!

- Wait for her to get off work and “bump into her” on your way home… don’t be a stalker!

- Get jealous if other guys are trying to pick her up or flirting with her (you’re one of them)

A waitress is definitely not looking to be hit upon at work, but she knows there’s always the possibility of Mr. Right walking into her restaurant, so she is prepared for him. And no, she doesn’t dress up for her waitressing job because she is waiting for Mr. Right – it’s because she knows it’ll help her to get fat tips! However, if Mr. Right does appear, she won’t be opposed to his entreaties. Mr. Right should be you (at least, you’re going to show her that you’re him).

Just as with any other method of getting that girl, you can’t expect to get that beautiful waitress as your girlfriend after the first visit. You’re going to have to visit her restaurant multiple times over many months and get her to recognize you and become familiar with you. Once you’re a regular customer, it’s much easier to talk to her about personal issues; what does she do when not working, where does she hang out, what type of music does she like, does she have a boyfriend?!

Of course, you don’t want to be a stalker-type customer who is always there! Leave her some time to actually miss you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, y’know. You just need to be there enough for her to get familiar with you and recognize you – perhaps once a week is a good enough. You should only ask her to spend some time with you outside of work when she remembers your name and she doesn’t seem to want to hurl whenever you’re around.


  1. When you’re out dining (or consuming any other commercial service) and you see that girl you’ve always dreamed about, make sure you act like a gentleman!
  2. Look her in the eyes, smile, be courteous (please and thank-you), let her know she doesn’t have to run around like a dog on account of you (e.g., “Take your time, no rush.”).
  3. Don’t try to pick her up the first time you encounter her; you should become a semi-regular at the service establishment (about once a week is good). Get familiar with her and everyone else who works there. Be a good customer; don’t complain and tip well!
  4. Bring your mom there to eat, or treat your parents to whatever it is they have to offer. A guy who treats his mom right is like a magnet for women (more mature women, that is).
  5. Chat her up whenever she has a free moment, but make sure not to take her away from any work she has to do. Make sure your conversations are interesting to her (e.g. talk about work, things she’s interested in… not about yourself.).
  6. After you’ve gotten familiar enough with her, you can ask her to join you for something after she gets off work. Perhaps a coffee, but even better is some sort of sweet dessert… she needs to relax after a hard day.

From customer to boyfriend… not an easy task.


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    • Shawn Chong profile image

      Shawn Chong 4 years ago from Taipei, Taiwan


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      Hitesh Bubbar 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hahaha...Never thought someone would bring that up..

      Great, you did!