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How Do I Pick Up That Girl on Facebook?

Updated on December 6, 2012

Okay, so you've used the tips I've given you in previous hubs and you've gotten her as a friend on Facebook! Congratulations... although, I must say, you need to play your cards right (even online), otherwise you won't have any chance in the future to be playing poker with her.

Facebook has become an increasingly important place to lay the foundation for a friendship or for a relationship. Two people who have interest in each other frequently use Facebook as a means to get to know each other... and if everything works out well, they'll get together in real life.

If you have the girl of your dreams as your "friend" on Facebook, there's a very good chance that you will both change your relationship status at the same time. Of course, there's also a good chance that you mess it up! Don't want to mess it up? Read on, my friend.


- Leave genuine comments on things that she shares (especially her "private" thoughts)... if you actually have something interesting/semi-important to contribute

- Comment very ambiguously on photos she posts of her beautiful self... like, if she posts of a photo of herself having some coffee and you start making out with your computer monitor, then post a comment like, "I wish I was having coffee right now, too!"

- Reply to her as she replies to you. If she engages you on Facebook, feel free to engage her more... but, if she doesn't pay much attention to you, you're going to have to be careful as to not make her feel like you're stalking her...


- Browse through her "Cancun Vacation Photos" liking and commenting on every photo

- "Like" or comment on any of her photos that don't show up in your recent newsfeed (if you do, she'll think you're some kind of perverted stalker who looked at all her photos... even though, we know that everyone does this...)

- "Like" every single thing she shares

- Comment on every single thing she shares

- Leave suggestive comments... like... if she posts a photo of her legs, don't comment, "Lookin' good! Moar photos!!!"

- Keep sending private messages to her, trying to start long conversations... and especially don't sit there waiting for her to reply...


1. Get her to accept you as her Facebook friend (see my other hubs for tips). You don't need to directly ask her for permission... if she's a friend-of-a-friend, just add her anytime after you meet her. If nobody you know knows her, then you may have to directly ask... or better yet, get her to add you (more slick this way...).

2. Whatever you do... don't comment on any of her old photos! Especially don't comment on her old beach vacation photos and stuff.

3. Don't mention anything you read about her on Facebook in real life! In real life, only mention things that she actually told you in real life.

4. Interact with her whenever you see her posting and/or updating her Facebook... but make sure not to say anything suggestive... especially nothing suggestive of you being a pervert!

5. Engage her in topics that she's interested in... like, if she posts up something about an art exhibition, let's hope that you have something intelligent to say/discuss regarding that art exhibition.

6. Build up rapport with her via Step #5, and over time, she'll feel very comfortable around you and hey, she'll be "friends" with you in real life!

7. For the next steps... you're going to have to check out my other hubs...

Good luck, pal! Facebook is an excellent tool for getting to know that girl, and it's a great tool to help you get to know someone you otherwise wouldn't have the chance to get to know. Play your cards right. This ain't Minesweeper!

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