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How I Got My Wife Back

Updated on September 4, 2011
My Wife and I on our honeymoon in Niagra falls.  This was taken on a rock in the Niagra River
My Wife and I on our honeymoon in Niagra falls. This was taken on a rock in the Niagra River

This is a true story.  Actually if you are reading this then I need to tell you that it is not about how to get your ex to love you again.  I am not going to give you some secret formula that will drive your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back into your arms.  What I want to do is tell my story of how I managed to live through getting married and breaking up, then getting back with the love of my life. 

Rewind a few years.  I met my wife when she came to work at a small factory in the town where I lived.  Now I live in New York State if you are wondering.  Honestly I didn't like her one bit.  She seemed lazy and never really wanted to do any work.  You see we worked the over night shift.  She claimed she was tired and worked all day, just to work all night also.  Not that I cared a single bit about her problems.  I felt that if she applied for the job then she knew what she was getting into to.  By the way she hated me also.  Claimed that I was egotistical and a male chauvinist.  

I guess that we just grew on each other.  After a while we started going to lunch together.  Then she was involved in the company cutbacks.  Wait, her first job was Tupperware. She sold it for a living.  I decided that I would help her out a bit, and talked my mother into having a Tupperware party.  This led to the rest of my family having parties and before we knew it, we were going on dates.  Then we spent our first weekend together.  Went to the movies and dinner.  It was a great time.

Over the next few weeks we spent a lot of time with each other.  Since I was still working, most of this time was during the day.  Since I was spending so much time at her place, it was decided that I would just move in.  Did that, and after about 2 years we got married.  The date of our wedding was May 5, 2006.  We came up on that date because my birthday is March 3, hers is April 4th.  3-3,4-4, and now 5-5.  Just a little play with the numbers I guess.  

Now things were going great up until this point.  It all fell apart with in the next year.  By march of 2008 we were splitting up and going our separate ways.  I ended up moving to South Carolina while she headed to the Capital District near Albany, New York.  We did talk every now and then.  In fact over the next couple years we talked on a regular basis.  I guess maybe there were a few feelings left there.

Lets jump forward about 6 months.  I moved back to New York and was staying at my mothers.  My wife was with someone else during this time.  We still talked, I guess that is what drove her back into my life.  My persistence to remain friends with her and her children.  I did not mention that part.  She has 3 great kids.  2 boys and 1 girl, by the way girls are way worse then boys.   I love each of them just like they are my own.  Which I have none of by the way.

It took about one and half years to get her to move back here with me.  Things have not been all that good all the time.  We have managed to work together and get along enough to make it work so far.  Not sure, but maybe its the fact that I work online, and she has to commute.  I told her that I would show her how to make money online with her writing, if she wanted.  She just refuses to give it a shot.  

Now here is a concise story.  We had our own place, split up, lost the house, got back together and recently got another place which we move into in about 2 weeks.  I am confident that we can make it work this time because we have grown to the point that we will not let distractions come between us.  The secret to a good marriage is forgiveness.  If you can not forgive the ones that you love, then there is no love there.  I have forgiven her and she has forgiven me.  That is the ground work of a good relationship.  I hope that everyone can find happiness with in their lives so they too can be loved and love.  


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    • Wintermyst profile image

      Wintermyst 6 years ago

      Glad you worked it out and are still working on it. Congratulations.