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How I Met Her

Updated on March 18, 2017

The Day Before I Met Her

It all began when Japan Festival was in town, and my buddy David and I had planned on going to that for a long time now. We dropped by and saw all the amazing designs and different types of art of the Japanese culture. We walked into a room and with people doing origami and decided to stay there for a bit. David was very determined to get a paper crane down as I was just there watching him do his paper folding. I told him "Bro, I'm gonna go to the anime section to try to pick out a little present for Ada" and he said to me "Okay, just meet me back here when you are done."

I had walked over to the Anime section and there were quite of bit of people so it was very crowded. I looked at a few things here and there but nothing was coming to me, nothing was really all that great in my honest opinion. So I walked back to where David was and he had just finished his paper crane. It was very tiny and he told me what I thought about it. Knowing me, I was a douche and I crumpled up his paper crane and told him, "I'm so sorry!! Here, its back to normal!" I could see in his eyes that he was a bit sad about the paper crane. So he decided to walk around the room and look at other designs.

Here we met Aylin (Ay-Leen) who was very sweet and nice. She asked for help on a design that was quite difficult. So I told her that David was very good at origami and that he would love to help her. Of course knowing how David is, he definitely didn't mind helping her at all. I was there just watching those two fold paper together and I turn my head and see my friends from church. Jonathan, Rosie and Stephanie were there as well and I was kinda happy to see them. We all sat together and talked for a bit to catch up on life. Jonathan had just gone through a break up with his girlfriend and he was feeling a bit down. So the two of us walked around for a bit and he told me what happened and here I just gave him advice that he shouldn't feel too sad about it.

After we walked around, the whole group met Aylin's sister, Artemis. Artemis was very sweet and kind to us. She loved talking about Korean Dramas and Anime. There was a friend of theirs too that was with them but I totally forgot her name. Jonathan, Rosie and Stephanie had gone their own way and walked around for a bit while David and I stayed and talked to Artemis, Aylin and their friend. We talked for about 15 minutes and the girls decided to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat. As we were walking to the Cafeteria, we ran into Jonathan and them again.

We just decided to all just sit down and talk about how each other has been. As we were talking, I told David that Jonathan, Rosie and Stephanie are going to go get Dumplings and if he wanted to go with them. Of course, David never turns down a offer like that and we had decided to meet up with them at a Chinese restaurant later that night. It was getting dark and we told Aylin and Artemis that we were going to go meet up with the group to eat. We invited them but they turned down the offer. So instead, we got their numbers and went our own way.

We arrived at the restaurant with quite a bit of people meeting us there. We ate for a bit and talked, had fun and just had a amazing time with the people from church. Jonathan asked me if i was going to church the next day and it had been a while since I went. So I told him "Yeah I'll try to make it tomorrow, I have nothing else to do." He said to me "Alright man, I'll see you tomorrow, you guys have a good night" and after that, we all went our own ways. That night, I was really debating if I should go or not, but it really has been a while since I went to church, so I thought to myself "What the hell, I'll just go." This was probably the best decision I had ever made in my life.

The Day We Met

The next morning, I had gotten up and was getting ready for church. It was a normal day for me. Going to Youth, greeting everyone and just catching up with some people. But I noticed someone new, someone who caught my attention. She look very young, maybe 15 or 16 and had light skin and beautiful hair. I thought nothing of it and went downstairs to the chapel where the main service is held. Here I sat down with Boss and Jonnie and we were just being guys and being idiots. Again, I notice the same girl and she sits in the seat right in front of me. Here I asked Jonnie "Bro, who is that? Is she new here?". Jonnie tells me "Yeah they recently moved from Texas, I think shes like 18?"

It was at this moment when my heart began pounding and I began blushing hardcore for this girl. I thought to myself "I might have a chance". She is right in front of me on her phone play some Tetris game and Boss taps her right on the shoulder and she looks back at us "Hi." as she waves. She turned back around and I went to go use the restroom so that she doesn't think that I had anything to do with that. I came back up and sat at my spot and I talked to Jonnie about her. "Whats her name?" he says to me "Her name is Vanessa". Here I am thinking to myself "Oh man she's really pretty"

To make things even better, Vanessa was wearing a dress and a cardigan. She takes off the cardigan and shows off her back. I swear I almost had a nose bleed just seeing her back. I couldn't wait to meet this girl. So church ended and I go up to her, "Hi, I'm Tou! You must be new to this church" and she tells me "Hi, I'm Vanessa. Yeah I moved here from Katy, Texas." I had no clue where Katy was but it seemed far away. Vanessa and I chatted for a bit and I asked her how old she is and she is actually 17 and is a senior in high school. Not too bad for me to hit on to be honest. Her eyes were very beautiful and her skin looked smooth. I couldn't look away from her even if I tried. She was just that beautiful and i couldn't help but stare.

I asked her about her plans in the future and stuff about college. Here were hitting it off really well and man, I think I'm starting to have a major crush on this girl. She wanted to do something in nursing and I thought that she had a pretty amazing goal. She stayed after church to hangout with the youth kids and i asked her if she wanted to come with me. She said "Yeah, as long as its in a group then it's fine." Here I decided to actually flirt with this girl and it was my chance when we went to Wal-mart with our friends.

I got a cart and I gave Vanessa my sunglasses to hold on to. She put it on top of her head and we just walked around together. We were shopping for snacks and drinks for a gathering at a friends house. Vanessa and I were no doubt, flirting with each other and the people that we came with noticed that as well, so they left us two alone. I couldn't help but notice that she is by far, the most light skinned Asian I have ever met. I could have sworn she was Korean, but she's Hmong.

I asked Vanessa what she wanted to eat for snacks and she said "Nothing, I'm not feeling anything". So I start putting random snacks into the cart and I didn't realize it, but Vanessa was taking them out as i was putting them in!!! We both laughed it off and continued to walk together to pay for the snacks and drinks. As we were walking out, she gave me my sunglasses back and I drove all of us to our friend's house.

We arrived at the house and I learned that there were already lots of snacks and drinks, so I felt like I had just wasted money on those. It was time to eat and I sat near Vanessa and we talked for a bit about Gizzards. She does NOT like them at all, even though she never had them before. After we finished eating, we gathered around in a circle and I sat next to her. Here, Jonathan is telling us the story of how he and his girlfriend broke up and why. Vanessa gave in her input to the story and this is where I began to fall in love with her without realizing it.She begins to touch my leg with her leg and starts tapping it. I felt like we immediately had a spark the moment we met and this was a sign that I have a chance to be with this girl.

It was time for me to send Vanessa home and we bid everyone farewell. In the car, I asked her if she could GPS us to her house so we don't get lost. In the car, we began talking and I asked her if she would ever want to hangout together soon. She said yes of course and I made her a promise that I would take her out shopping one day. As Vanessa was guiding us to her house, we end up getting lost because I made a wrong turn because of her!!! She tells me to go right then left then right, so I end up going right but it was supposed to be left. I didn't really mind being lost with her, it meant more time to be with her.

We finally end up at her house and I felt sad in a way because I wish I had more time to be with her. I ask her for her number and she gave it to me. I call her right there and she picks up, "Hello?" and I reply "Hi!!!" We both hung up and we shook hands. I told her "That felt awkward...." and she tells me "Yeah....." So I ask her "what would make this less awkward?" and she says "A Hug!!!!!" and she reaches out her arms and I went in for it. I hugged her on the first day and I felt like I can do this. She tells me to text her when I get home and to drive safely. She gets out of my car and goes inside. Vanessa and her mother waves to me and I wave back. Here I drive 30 minutes home, but it was totally worth it.

When I got home, I immediately sent her a text telling her that I got home safely and that she has nothing to worry about. I waited for about 20 minutes and she finally replied back. She was in the shower for a very long time and that she was very happy that I made it back safely. We begin to text for a few hours and man I love this feeling where i'm always smiling and my face begins to hurt. It was about 10 or 11 pm and I had to go to work the next morning and she had school. I told her that I loved texting her and that she can text me anytime she wants. She then says to me "I'd love to talk to you soon okay?" We both said our good nights and went to bed.

From that day forward, It changed my life completely. She became my girlfriend a week later and we both already knew that we were going to be together, so we made it official. She makes me the happiest person in the world and I had fallen in love with her completely. She shined her light onto my darkened heart and healed me. I never thought that anyone as beautiful as her could love someone like me. This is the girl who I am going to go though thick and thin to be with. This is the girl who I am going to love no matter what. This is the girl who I am going to fight for. Because this is the girl for me, Vanessa Kue.


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