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Sundays and How I Spend Them

Updated on March 12, 2013

Born a Christian

A Christian is one who believes in the Christianity religion, which is all about the birth, death and resurrection of God's only son - Jesus Christ. I was born in a strict Christian family and Paul was the name given to me as my first name immediately after birth but i was baptized some months later still using the same name. My parents were Presbyterians and so on every Sunday i used to go to Sunday Schools and later started participating in festivals as young as 2 years. My teacher realized that there was a star in me since i could easily memorize the verses she used to teach us within a short period. This made her to start giving me the major roles that contained long scripts during plays because she was sure i could memorize them within a limited time. Our church was highly valued and this made us perform to dignitaries. I scooped many awards and it made me travel wide within the country. I remember it was through Sunday School that i visited the capital city for my first time. The urge to be near the Church grew stronger day by day.

Morning Service

Am still a Presbyterian up to now attending and offering my services in church. My Sunday mornings starts early as i have to wake up and prepare myself for the morning service which starts at 8:30AM. My Church is just a few meters from where i reside so 5minutes walk are enough to be there.

Operating the Projector

The first duty i have to do when i get in the church is to connect the projector, prepare the service schedule and sit back to wait the procession leading the first service, conducted in English which last for 2hours. Before the procession enters, i have to keep the rest of the congregation busy by projecting video music and Spiritual images and messages. I always enjoy doing it and in many cases you will find people coming to congratulate me at the end of the service. One must have to be very keen on the message and at all times follow the preacher since you have to project the Bible quotes in the middle of the service.

The Second service starts at 10:30AM and ends at 1:00PM. This service is conducted using the native language and so the biggest percentage of the congregation consists of the elderly. Here too i have to emphasis a smooth transition of the service to keep the service lively and try to make the old generation not to fall asleep in the middle of the service. Here i have to be conversant with the native language which a big problem to most youths of my age since they have been born and brought up in the city. I was lucky to have been brought up in the village so speaking and writing the language is not a problem to me. By the time it strikes 1:00PM, the benediction is said and everybody leaves at his or her own pleasure.

Back Home

After putting everything back in order, I head straight home to have some lunch. By this time I will have phoned my girlfriend to let her know that we would be going for an afternoon outing to do some exercises when the weather permits us to do so. She lives 2km from where i reside so after preparing myself i phone her to let her know am on the way to pick her. This time we are sports gear and usually carry a skipping rope plus a ball.


We carry some few snacks and drinks and our destination is at the Nairobi Arboretum. This is a cool place full of both indigenous and exotic tree species. Here you will find worshipers, groups gatherings, couples on a nature walk or even some people who come here to just have fun. We start by doing some jogging on the nature paths. Later we compete in skipping and organize a small group for volleyball. When tired, we do take our snacks and take a walk loving it as we carve our names on the barks of trees. By now its heading to 6:30PM and you can tell by the guards who normally come inform people of the time to be moving out of the park.

A Day Well Spent

As we head home, I can now feel my body relaxed and ready for the week ahead. We drive to my girlfriend's residence where we both prepare the supper and have it together. I later drive home for some few chores to prepare for the following day's duties. As i retire to bed, am in high spirits yearning for the weekend to see my girl once more and plan on another day with her. What a blessed and sporty Sunday.


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