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How Important Is Trust In A Relationship?

Updated on June 2, 2017

How Important Is Trust In A Relationship

Trust Is Important In Relationships
Trust Is Important In Relationships | Source

What Is Trust?

Suppose you give your son five dollars and tell him that when you come home tonight you are going to give him five dollars, and he goes out and his friend says, “I have ten dollars,” and your son also says, “I have ten dollars,” what will your son’s friend say? He will say your son is lying, right?

But your son can say, “I am not lying. My dad says that when he comes home this evening he will give me five dollars, and so I have ten dollars.” Your son has trust in your words. Your promise can be trusted—and so he counted the five dollars already. Knowing you as he did, it was completely safe for him to speak of that money as his possession. You did not need to show your son that you had five dollars in order that he might trust that you would get them. This should tell you how important trust is to a relationship—it commands respect and love.

Trusting someone is to know that you can rely on the goodness, strength, kindness, or reliability of someone you care about.

Trust is such an important issue in romantic relationships these days because so many relationships are breaking up because of a lack of trust between romantic partners, which is leading to high divorce rates.

In these days of so much promiscuity, we very much need to be lovers our partners can trust, those who will be loyal and truthful throughout all the days of our relationship.

How important is trust in a relationship? Below are four ways in which trust is very relevant for the success of your love life.

It Holds Relationships Together

“How important is trust for a relationship?” one may ask. Trust is important in a relationship because it affects the quality of the bond between lovers. When you trust your partner, and your partner trusts you, you feel confident about the relationship. When a person feels confident about something, there is a greater desire to cherish and protect it. Therefore , you will cherish the relationship, and do whatever it takes to make your partner happy so that the relationship will continue. This helps the relationship to last longer.

Distrust, on the other hand, makes you have no motivation to put in any extra effort to make the relationship work. This results in apathy towards the relationship, a growing apart of the partners, a disinterest in doing things together and caring about each other, which all cause the bond between the two of you to weaken, which may cause a break up if you do not make conscious efforts to resolve issues.


Lying is one thing which destroys trust in relationships. We as humans practice lying sometimes because of human depravity; it is part of our nature to be untruthful because of fear. For example to escape the consequences of something you may have done wrong, you may deny that you said or did something because you fear you will be found out. Also, you can make false statements so often that it becomes almost chronologically inaccurate in nearly everything that you say; you may not deliberately set out to tell untruths; you just carelessly make statements that are not always reliable.

Another way you can lie is to use the right words but with a meaning different from the truth. A perfect example is the young man who went fishing but was unsuccessful and stopped at a fish market on the way home, and said to the lad tending the market to throw a dozen of the mackerel he was selling to him one by one so that he could tell his partner that he caught them. His partner later found out he had lied about catching the fish, and they broke up!

That is what lies can do! That young man’s story should let you know how important trust and honesty are in a relationship. If you tell lies and your partner finds out you were lying, it can result in your partner getting angry, which may cause quarrels, which ultimately will cause the relationship to get weaker.

Telling the truth at all times, even if it will cost you, maintains trust, and keeps the relationship strong.

It maintains the love in the relationship

One of the things that can make a partner truly love his or her boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is when the person knows that they can trust the other person.

When you know your lover is faithful to you, does not cheat, and has his or her eyes on you alone, it makes you love them more. When someone trusts you, it makes you more willing to open up your heart and also show love to the person; it makes you have grateful feelings towards him or he, and so you do your best to please your partner. It also gives you a boldness to take risks to make your partner happy; if you know thoroughly that your partner can be trusted, that his or her love for you is real, and that your partner is not sharing his or her affection with you and another person, it frees you and makes you bold to love him or her without any restraint.

It Leads to a Better Romantic Life

Romance involves feelings and emotions, which to a large extent are determined by the treatment you receive, or give to your partner.

When you trust your partner, and do not have any ill-will towards them, it gives you peace of mind, your mind is at ease, one condition necessary for the expression of your feeling for your partner.

In addition it makes you happy and lets you have benevolent feelings towards your partner, and more willing to show your affection, to buy something for them, or to spend time with them.

A partner who knows he is worthy of trust, or who knows he or she can trust the partner will be more willing to express their love and show acts of affection. For example, a wife who knows her husband is not sleeping around with other women will not hesitate to give herself to her husband when he asks for them to have marital relations, knowing that he is not likely to infect her with any sexually transmitted infections. Or, a boyfriend who knows he is the only man in his girlfriend’s life will not hesitate to buy her a gift to show how much he loves her.

On the other hand, when your partner knows or suspects you are cheating, they will be put off mentally even when you come close to them, or make an attempt to kiss or hug them, when they recall that you are also giving that same body to someone else. There may also be a fear that you will infect him or her with a sexually transmitted disease, and so they will not be willing to get intimate. You can infer from this how important trust is in a relationship.

When you mistrust your partner, there are always lingering doubts and questions in your mind. Whenever your partner wants to go out you ask, “Where are you going?” When you come home from work, your partner asks, “Why did you keep so long? Who were you with? What were you doing?” This mistrust can easily irritate a partner and lead to a fight.

It Makes You A Better Lover

Financial experts will tell you that a piece of land appreciates in value with time; its value goes up.

In just the same way, knowing you are a person who can be trusted gives you confidence in yourself, and makes you value yourself more. When you know that you are trustworthy, it boosts your ego and makes you appreciate yourself inwardly. This causes your spirit to be happy, your energy goes up, and your willingness to give increases—it makes you glad to give to make your partner happy.


The information outlined above should tell you how important trust is in a relationship. You can decide to be a trustworthy person or not; it all depends on the choices you make. But if you want to keep your relationship strong and make it last for years, then choose to do the things that can make your partner trust you. When your partner sees he or she can trust you, they will also try to be lovers worthy of your trust.

How Important Is Trust To A Relationship

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